8 Incredible Graphic Novels for Kids

Bumble and Snug graphic novel book the Excited Unicorn front cover infront of a rainbow play silk and next to wooden unicorns.

Graphic Novels for Reluctant Readers

Now is a brilliant time to be a reader. We’re spoiled for choice on superb graphic novels for kids. Graphic novels for kids have often been associated with children who are reluctant to read (a term I’m not keen on) or those who find reading more challenging.

Graphic Novels for All Readers

Although I’m not saying that graphic novels aren’t perfect for children who find reading more challenging and for those who don’t race to pick up a book. They are! However, I’d argue that they are the perfect reading material for all children. They shouldn’t be ‘reserved’ for the few. They should be available to all.

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Currently, Floss is six and a voracious reader. Her favourite genre right now is graphic novels. She just can’t get enough of them. She’s always been entranced by the beauty of picture books. She loves drawing and therefore it makes perfect sense that a graphic novel calls to her.

Graphic Novels #8BrilliantBooks

Obviously, it was really hard just choosing 8. After we chose we realised that we’d have loved to include Looshkin and Evil Emperor Penguin too!

8 Graphic novel book covers for kids including top row left to right Batcat, Bumble and Snug and the excited unicorn, Monster Support Group, Agent Moose Operation Owl. Bottom row left to right Max and Chaffy, Billy and the Mini Monsters, Cat Kid Comic Club Collaborations and Bunny Vs Monkey Machine Mayhem.

Click on the image above to see more on each of the books. Please do drop me a comment or email lisa@busybusylearning.com if you’d like specific recommendations of graphic novels. We’ve read lots so can help direct you to what might be a perfect book for your child.

Bumble and Snug graphic novel book the Excited Unicorn front cover infront of a rainbow play silk and next to wooden unicorns.

Bumble & Snug

Certainly Bumble & Snug is one I’d highly recommend as the perfect introduction to graphic novels. It’s such a vibrant book, full of humour with the most adorable duo. There’s three in the series so far and 4th coming in July 2024. Here’s a peep inside.

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