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Aliens Published by Neon Squid

If you’ve read my reviews before then you will have heard me rave about a new publisher in the world of children’s non-fiction books – Neon Squid.

I have a massive crush on all their books. They’re the kind of books that I would have poured over for hours as a kid – returning to re-read facts.

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Inquisitive Kids

Aliens by Joalda Morancy and Amy Grimes is one of Neon Squid’s latest releases and it’s brilliant. If you have an inquisitive child who asks lots of questions or a kid who adores space science then this is the perfect book for them. I’d recommend for children in upper key stage 2 (around 8 years +) through into early secondary school.

Book Layout

As with all Neon Squid texts it’s well laid out with a carefully thought out structure that guides you through the book as though you were in a curated museum exhibit. Headings are clear, text is well spaced out and not overly obscured by the vibrant images on each spread.

Aliens Content

It’s too hard to choose my favourite parts so I’ve interspersed some threads throughout this review so that you can take a look for yourself.

Aliens deals with a topic that still fascinates me now just as much as when I was a child. There’s so much interesting content. Some information was familiar to me but lots was new to me. It’s a great book for those who want to go a little deeper into learning about space from a different viewpoint.

Aliens Author

That viewpoint coming from an expert. Another wonderful feature of Neon Squid books. They get experts to write the information. Joalda Morancy (image from Neon Squid website) is an astrophysicist, aerospace engineer, and science communicator. What an incredible person to learn from!

I urge you to go take a look at all Neon Squid books and most definitely give Aliens and other titles a read.

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