All Bodies Are Wonderful: An Inclusive Guide to Talking About You

All Bodies Are Wonderful is a whizz pop bang of a book with a powerful message of acceptance and kindness. Thank you b small publishing for kindly sending for review.

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  • Written by Beth Cox
  • Illustrated by Samantha Meredith
  • Published by b small publishing

Finding the Right Words

All Bodies Are Wonderful is a book we all need. As a parent it can feel very difficult to navigate the language we use to describe ourselves and others. Moreover I know it’s something I’ve felt very conscious about. Ensuring I use the right language when I talk to Floss about people and situations is important. This is never more so than when she asks me questions. You can feel very ‘put on the spot’ and I worry about making sure my answers are accurate.

As a parent and erstwhile teacher this book leaves you feeling empowered to have the right vocabulary, but also how to challenge stereotypes and discrimination in a child-friendly way.

The language used in the book is scientific and accurate yet succinct and easily understood by children. Both Floss and I felt we learnt lots from this book.

Uniquely You

We loved the ‘Uniquely You spread’ which talks about unhelpful cycles of inner thinking and how you can change intrinsic thought patterns.

It’s written by an inclusion and equality consultant Beth Cox who masterfully presents technical information and advice in a way that engages children. Samantha Meredith has then brought the book vividly to life with her cheerful, inclusive illustrations filled with a full spectrum of rainbow loveliness.

You Are Made of Stardust

One of the opening spreads ‘You Are Made of Stardust’ has real wow factor and Floss’s jaw literally hit the floor when she started to take this in. I love how tiny seeds, or in this example star dust, can open up a world of wonder in young children. This is how I fell hopelessly in love with science as a child, through books first. Amazing facts that took my breath away and left me with so many more questions that I had to know the answer to.

For the Curious

All Bodies Are Wonderful is absolutely for curious kids, kids who want to know why but it’s also a superb book for developing emotional intelligence and flourishing conscious, kind and mindful practises with ourselves others.

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