Artful Box Subscription, Alcohol Markers, Watercolour and Coastal Crochet

Our daughter Floss loves books and being creative. As adults we can often prioritise other things over being creative. Floss is teaching me to be more creative again and try new things. I also help run a weekly community arts and crafts group which is great for spending time with like minded people and getting ideas. This blog post will show you some of the creative projects we’ve been enjoying and hopefully inspire you to enjoy more arts and crafts.

Crochet – Coastal Crochet CAL

I’ve dipped my toe back into the crochet waters and begun to continue a crochet along that I started back in 2018! If you love crochet or have fancied giving it a go then I highly recommend checking out Eleonora from Coastal Crochet.

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The CAL (crochet along) I’m doing is her #SeasideStashBustingBlanket and its such a fun way to learn different crochet stitches. The social media community using the hashtag is also a great place to be inspired.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to crochet hooks. I love the Prym hooks. Firstly, I love the aesthetics of them but they have been the best ones I’ve found for my hands. Light weight, easy to grip and comfortable to use. My hands can swell a lot with one of my health conditions so these have been my preferred brand.

Creative Inspiration

What inspires you? There’s inspiration to be found everywhere, sometimes you seek it out and other times it just appears.

Compton Verney

Some places ooze creative inspiration and Compton Verney is one such destination. We’ve found it perfect for families, wheelchair friendly and good with food allergies and intolerances.

Recently, they had David Batchelor’s exhibition – Colour Is. Both Floss and I loved it and went back more than once.

Here’s one of their latest exhibits in Reena Saini Kallat’s collection Common Ground.

Magical Creative Inspiration

Occasionally, a real treat of inspiration appears when you least expect it. Floss was delighted when she spotted this fly agaric mushroom. I was in awe, it’s the first time I’d seen one with my own eyes!

Introduction to Watercolour

I’ve dabbled in acrylic paints before but never watercolour. I’ve always been a little uncomfortable with the fluidity and unpredictability of watercolour. I like to feel in control! There was a watercolour session in my local village and I decided to put aside my reservations and go along. I loved it!

Yes, there is an uncertainty, but it’s gentle and exciting too. I also like that you can change and remove things as watercolours don’t dry as fast as acrylics. The tip to squeeze the water out of the brush and then touch the area you want to amend was so good as you watch the paint disappear as it is osmotically absorbed into the bristles.

I enjoyed painting so much that my other half signed me up to Art Base’s online tutorial subscription as a birthday present. I’m so excited to do more drawing and painting. The palette we used in the class is the same one my daughter uses at home that you can find here. I have seen a couple of sets that include brushes too for a reasonable price here and here. I’m really tempted to upgrade to this one though.

Artful Box Subscription

I’ve been totally spoilt for my birthday this year and received an Artful subscription box. This one is the studio markers. Do you like subscription boxes?

Studio pens are alcohol pens. I’ve always wanted to try them as I love the depth of colour you get. Although, just like with watercolour, I’ve always worried about getting things wrong and not being able to change things. I’m trying to just relax and have a go!

Totally in love with the Artful Box. If you’re an arty, creative person this is a perfect subscription for you. There’s a great book full of inspiration and tutorials. You can also access online tutorials too. I particularly liked the colour chart that you complete yourself.

I’m sure I’ll be posting about these alcohol pens more in future. Yes, the permanence is terrifying, but the experience is thrilling. Definitely give this media a go!

Shrink Art

Floss was exhausted at the weekend so we did some jewellery making using shrink art. I’m totally showing my age but who else remembers baking crisp packets in the oven so they shrink down to mini size?!

This is such a fun activity for any age. The set we got was from TKMaxx so often hard to find again but there are some super cute sets from Baker Ross that you can find here. Sharpie pens are great for bright, vibrant designs. I often but my Sharpie pens from WHSmith as they usually have really good offers on certain sets.

Tin Art

My Mom’s also been getting creative and has started doing tin art. Can you believe these hummingbirds are made using recycled aluminium cans! She then decorates them with nail varnish and uses POSCA pens to do very fine detail. I’m not sure I’ll ever see my POSCA pens again at this rate.

I’m getting out my needle and thread this weekend to get ready for the community group session next week and I need to settle on a robin design I’m happy with for an upcoming needle felting workshop I’m running.

Happy creating x

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