Board Books Aren’t Just For Babies – Hide & Peek Unicorn

Board Books Aren’t Just For Babies

Floss our daughter is 6 and still very much enjoys board books. As children get more confident in their reading it can seem strange that they may revert back to board books they enjoyed as babies and toddlers. This is completely normal and something I wouldn’t discourage.

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Board books have a comfort and familiarity. Many are read over and over while snuggled together forming wonderful memories. Therefore children returning to these texts help children embed reading skills but also start to choose their own reading material for pleasure.

Often board book words are cemented in the memory of a child and therefore they can ‘read’ while actually reciting words they aren’t 100% sure on from memory. Many board books have repeated refrains that help children to recognise words by sight and to read them when they see them on a different page.

Showing children that you value their independent reading choices is so powerful. It’s such an important step to developing young readers and readers who read for pleasure.

If your child is learning phonics do check out my phonics blog post series that will help you understand phonics and how to help your child.

Hide & Peep Unicorn Board Book

Hide & Peek Unicorn has an ideal amount of text for children who are beginning to become more confident in reading independently.

The book keeps you the reader in on the secret. Did you know – there’s a unicorn in Amelia’s house…

Little ones love feeling like they know something that not everyone does and this book had my daughter hooked from the start!

Sturdy Board Book

As I’ve found with all Happy Yak board books I’ve reviewed they’re incredibly sturdy and cope well with plentiful usage! Hide & Peek Unicorn is bursting full of colour and fun as cheeky unicorn evades the family at every turn (or flap or pull tab).

Hide & Peek Unicorn Synopsis

No matter how much Amelia tries to convince her family that there really is a unicorn in their house she’s dismissed by reasonable responses when she discovers each of the clues. Will she find that cheeky unicorn? Oodles of joy – we love it!

We loved the variety of different ways to engage with the book. It made it unpredictable and my daughter loved discovering how to use the book at each spread.

Thanks to Quarto for sending this title for review.

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