What is a Book Band?

The main aim of a book banded book is to give a child the right level of challenge. Not too easy that they get bored and not too challenging that they don’t want to preserver. Basically, a book made for Goldilocks – just right!

If you’d like to get a better understanding of what book bands are and how to support your child in their learning to read journey this blog post will help – Book Bands – Learning to Read at Home and School.

Book Band Book Recommendations

Sharing any book is perfect and when enjoying together you really don’t need to worry about reading level. However, if your child wants to practise their developing reading skills with other books (not just the book banded ones they bring home from school) then these books are ones I feel are suitable for children working within the particular book banded level.

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Below you will find links to my suggestions for books that might be suitable for a child working within a particular book band. Just click on the book band colour you are looking for or use the conversion chart below to help you know which colour. Please do check age suitability for books. Although your child may be able to read a text it may not be suitable for them.

I would always advocate for sharing any book together that a child is interested in but if being able to ‘read’ the book ‘on their own’ is important to your child then being guided by the book band may be helpful. Do check back frequently as I update book lists every couple of weeks.

The links above are for Amazon as it’s the easiest way for me to group the books together in band groups. It gives you the book details and often inside images. If you’re prefer to purchase books from your local bookstore that’s awesome. One of our favourite locals ones is Kenilworth Books.

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My rough comparison chart for various schemes is available to download below.