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There’s been lots happening in the world of children’s books this week. I Can’t wait to share with you our favourite finds and what’s on our book shelves.

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Save the Children

The lovely @walkerbooksuk team have released this beautiful, uplifting free ebook – Rain Before Rainbows by @smriti_halls_author  and @david_c_litchfield to support #SaveWithStories campaign from @savechildrenuk. It’s magical, a wonderful balm for this turbulent time to help soothe your children into sweet dreams. Here’s the link to the download – #RainBeforeRainbows

Tata Storytime

If you’re looking for brilliant story times for your children or your class then make sure you check out Tata Storytime. It’s a real favourite of mine and Floss’. It’s the dream turned reality of Okezie Morro who wanted his daughter to be able to see people in print and on screen who looked like her and celebrate their heritage. The theme tune is incredibly catchy and Floss and I find ourselves singing it during the day. Do check out the brilliant stories shared at Tata Storytime YouTube channel here. Here’s one of our favourites below. Thanks Okezie – we can’t wait for the second series. New content is uploaded on a Tuesday so make sure you’re subscribed to get the latest.

Okezie and many other parents find themselves in a similar position that their children can’t identify with the myriad of characters in children’s books as so many do not look like them. Conversely, for our family, I stumbled upon Tata Storytime for the completely opposite reason, I want my daughter to be immersed in the richness of difference and diversity. I don’t want her to see all the characters in books being white as this in not a true representation of the beautiful, colour-filled world we live in. Whatever you’re looking for Tata Storytime will wrap you up and whisk you away in the magic of stories.

Our Books Shelves

Today marks the start of Diverse Book Week 2020 – what changes will you make to the books your children read? #BlackLivesMatter is a powerful movement that has got more people thinking and talking about race and colour. Books written by people of colour and showing characters of colour shouldn’t be a one week ‘theme’. However, these should be seen as opportunities to strengthen our anti-racism values and a time to reflect on how we talk with our children about race and the toys and books we surround the next generation with. What we do now matters – everyone can make a difference

It’s not enough to be accidental in our acquirement of diverse books. We need to seek out books that have characters of colour as well as authors and illustrators of colour. Once you start to look you will find a plethora of incredible books to feast in – but we still need more. It’s up to us to help. Publishers go with what sells, it’s us who need to consider what we buy. Our collaborative buying power shows publishers what we want to see.

Summer Reading Challenge

Have you signed up yet? How many books will you read this Summer? The Silly Squad are here to help us complete our challenges – sign up here. You don’t need hundreds of books at home, you don’t need any. There are so many available online right now as wonderful authors, illustrators and publishers have been sharing their beautiful stories with us online.

Inspire Culture are joining in and their lovely author in residence Frances Stickley (who we are massive fans of) and she has shared one of her wonderful stories that you can find below. Here’s a link to both of her current books – there’s a new one due out in July too!

Book Links

I’d love you to purchase your books through the independent bookseller I work for Yes Bebe – each book title link below will take you through to the site where you’ll find details about the author, illustrator, further details and additional images if available. Books are excluded, but if you purchases other items from the site use the discount code BUSY10 for 10% discount (T&C on the website).

Please do share with me in comments what your little bookworms have been reading at the moment. We love recommendations.

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