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I have been meaning to set up a regular book update post for so long and finally 2022 looks like the year it will begin. What can you expect from Bookworm Buzz – Book News? Well all things children’s book related with maybe the odd adult book thrown into the mix. I firmly believe that children reading for pleasure is based on many things and seeing their family and teachers read is an important part of encouraging that.

There will be new release information, topic related choices, book resources and things to get you thinking about books and reading. So without further ado lets dip in to book news.

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New Releases and Coming Soon

Here’s some of the books that have caught my eye recently…

Colour and Me

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release (25/1/22) of Colour and Me by Michaela Dias-Hayes (illustrator of the fabulous Sunflower Sisters) after Owlet Press shared a sneak peek last year. It looks like it will be the perfect book to pair with creative projects.

One Camel Called Doug

Oh gosh, this one is heart melting. It’s due for release 17/2/22 in the UK. One Camel Called Doug is by the incredibly talented wordsmith Lu Fraser and illustrated dreamily by Sarah Warburton. It’s a must read. For my full review click here.

The River

This River isn’t published until 3/3/22 but blew me away when I read the eARC copy from NetGalley. I adore Tom Percival’s books and this one is something very special. It deals with the loss of a pet in the most delicate way.

It lets children know it’s ok to have different feelings and uses the analogy of the river to mirror the boys emotions and show that how we feel changes, ebbing and flowing like the water. If you’d like more books around how to support children with death please see my blog post here.

My Own Way

Occasionally, a book comes along that makes me go wow! My Own Way by Joana Estrela and adapted by Jay Hulme is such a book. It’s exactly the book that I was looking for, for our daughter.

Since Floss started school she has become very fixed on ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ and what girls should do and what boys should do. It’s something we’d always been conscious about when she was little ensuring not to portray gender stereotyping. However, we’ve had comments from Floss around girls have long hair, boys have short, girls wear this etc.

This book looks at gender and gender freedom in such a wonderful, child friendly way and helps them to look more openly at the world around. It encourages children to see past labels and appearance, to be kind and to let people say who they are and what’s in their heart. Ideal for nursery through to KS1.

Rainbows in Bloom

This one, Rainbows in Bloom, caught my eye on Yes Bebe’s social media channels this week. It’s a board book for 2-5 year olds that explores flowers and colour through magnificent photographs. Just stunning!

Books for the Diary

25th January – Exploring Nature with Children Winter Pond Week

For those nature lovers, Raising Little Shoots nature curriculum is moving into Winter Pond Week. Some of our favourite pond books can be found here. There are a couple of pond spotters in the resources section here or you can access then from the files in the Facebook Group here.

27th January – Holocaust Memorial Day

After The War by Tom Palmer isn’t my usual topic of book that I would choose to read. However, I was recommended it by one of the reps at Bounce whose opinion I very much value. I read it in one sitting and it was powerfully moving. I’d highly recommend this book for 8/9 years+. You can read the first chapter for yourself here.

Tom Palmer has collaborated with the Literacy Trust to put together a range of resources to support learning about the Holocaust. You can find links to these resources here. There’s a live event that you can register for on Monday 24th January 2022 here.

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit Holocaust Memorial Day Event with Michael Morpurgo is free and you can sign up here. The event takes place on Thursday 27th January 2022 at 11am (GMT).

For those who prefer non-fiction this publication, Anne Frank – Great Lives in Graphics, would be another way you could introduce the Holocaust. Recommended for around 8 years +.

Michael Rosen’s On the Move – Poems About Migration has fours sections with one of the sections on ‘Missing’ relatives and the Holocaust. It’s got a section on global experiences of migration and could very much be used to look at the plight still faced by many fleeing their homes around the world.

28th-30th January 2022 – RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

You can find out more information about this event here. You basically choose an hour during the time window to spot and count as many birds as you can from your garden, park or even a balcony. There’s resources to support you at the link above.

It’s a great opportunity to explore some magnificent bird books too either fiction or non-fiction.

You could use these British bird ID cards to aid your bird watching. You can find them in the resources section here or you can access then from the files in the Facebook Group here.

Thought Provoking Reading

Phonics Phases - Phase 1 - Phase 2- Phase 3 - Phase 4 - Phase 5 - Phase 6 - games - activities - ideas - satpin - tricky words - phoneme - grapheme - letters and sounds

I read an interesting article this week on The Guardian about phonics – Why are ministers obsessed with teaching children to read using phonics? Click here to see the article.

I’d love to know what you think in the comments – can children learn to read on phonics alone?

What I’m Reading

I’m excited to be joining a Tandem Collective Readalong before the month is out. Stop the press – it’s an adult book! Power Hour – Adrienne Herbert. I’m really excited about this one and finding out how to create a little more time in my day. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Currently reading Fledgling by Lucy Hope and published by Nosy Crow and thoroughly enjoying it! Recommended age around 9-12. You can check out the first four chapters here – you’ll be hooked.

One of my new habits I’m trying to form is reading some poetry every day. I had truly forgotten how much poetry feeds my soul and A Poem for Every Winter Day is perfect for developing a daily habit. There is a Spring edition too.

I’d love to know what you’re reading right now. Do drop me a message in comments. I’ll be back next week with more book news.

Lisa x

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