Cat’s First Baby by Natalie Nelson

Well isn’t this little book rather special. The first thing that strikes you are the incredible images. I love that they are a mixed media composition using a range of traditional and digital techniques.

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Cat’s First Baby

Cat’s First Baby is written by Natalie Nelson and published by Quirk Books. The images are bold and vivid yet with a warm, tender and familiar feel. There’s real depth to Natalie’s work and her images draw you in as a reader.

The text font and sentences are perfectly simple. The book is written from the perspective of the cat. It’s direct, yet humorous. However, you get a joyous feeling of ‘to and fro’ in the dialogue as the cat sizes up the new baby that has arrived in their home.

This rhythm will really appeal to young children. It’s a book that I can see being shared with babies and then returning to as the child gets older and begins to read for themselves.

Cat’s First Baby Recommendation

It’s a highly recommend from me. The publishers, Quirk Books, give the reading age guide as 2-5 but I’d be happy to share this book from birth. My daughter who’s 5 thoroughly enjoyed it and liked that she was able to read the sentences herself.

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