I would recommend adult supervision with activities at all times and take care to ensure the items you are using are suitable for your child in both age and development.

Product links on the site are for your careful consideration. At times we may link to products that we have not used, but consider to be a close enough match to what we have used. As such, and with any links, please take due diligence to ensure the product meets your needs before purchasing. Please direct any product related questions to the seller.

If I review a product I will let you know whether I purchased the item or whether it was a gift and my views will be genuine. The views expressed are my own.

Please note, this site is intended for adult and not child use. If I recommend a digital resource that can be used with a child it is important that you check the site yourself first and always supervise the child whilst using a site/ application. I don’t control content on external sites.