Free Tonies Content for Toniebox Creative Tonies

Not sure what a Toniebox is? Or you’re wondering if a Toniebox is the right audio player for your family then this post might help. If you’re looking for free audio content for your Toniebox and Tonie Creative characters then read on. If you’re looking for free content for a Yoto Player or Yoto Mini Player check out this post.

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Tonie characters have special characters called Creative Tonies. These you can add up to 90 minutes of audio content to. There’s a wide selection of Creative Tonies to choose from.

As of 2024 I’ve started a Facebook group where I will be sharing lots of tips and free content for audio players including Tonieboxes and Yoto Players – you can join the group here.

Tonies App

If you have a Toniebox ensure that you have downloaded the app. There is a collection of free audio on there and they have regular updates. It’s under a section called ‘Free for you’. You can also access the files from the myTonies section of the website when you are logged in. Find out more here.

Tonie Box - Tonies - Creative Tonies - Audio player - Gruffalo - Stickman

Busy Busy Learning Free Audio Content

If you can cope with my brummie accent I’ll be adding free Busy Busy Learning audio content that you can add to your audio players. For those who have a Toniebox you can add to a Creative Tonie.

Free Chinese Zodiac Story for Tonie Creative Characters – February

A little tale of how the order of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac came to being.

The Chinese Zodiac:

Download “The Chinese Zodiac Story”

The-Chinese-Zodiac.mp3 – Downloaded 102 times – 13.04 MB

You can find downloads for a written story to match this audio story here.

Free Late Winter Story for Tonie Creative Characters – January

Flossie and the Snowdrop Fairy is a magical story about the first signs of Spring bursting forth from Winter. If you’d like a printable copy of the story head here.

Flossie and the Snowdrop Fairy:

Free Christmas Story for Tonie Creative Characters – December

Here’s my version of a traditional Ukrainian story of Tinsel and the Christmas Spider. The story below has been adapted from the many different versions I’ve found and read. Tinsel and the Christmas Spider is just under 4 minutes long. To find out more about the story check out this blog post.

Tinsel and the Christmas Spider:

These recording are for your own personal or educational use and are not for resale. They are copyright of Busy Busy Learning.

Nosy Crow Audio – Stories Aloud

Nosy Crow have a great selection of some of their publications available as free audio downloads. Find them here.

Mdundo – African Music

I’ve always loved to play African music when I was teaching and my daughter really loves one of the songs I used to play a lot called Jambo Bwana. You can download it for free here as well as discover lots of other free music on the site. You can find a YouTube version of it with words below. Prepare to get it stuck in your head!

Storynory Free Story Downloads

Storynory is a podcast but they allow you to download their free content. You can find out more on their website here. If you head here and find the latest stories click then on ‘go to story’ button and then you have the option to download the story. Click on download and then on the three dots to download that story.

Borrow Box

If you don’t already use Borrow Box I’d highly recommend it. It’s available to anyone, all you need is a library card. You can borrow a wide selection of audio books for up to 21 days.

Once you’ve chosen your title you can download and add it like you normally would to a Creative Tonie. Just keep a reminder of when your time is up on the rental so you can remove it from the card. You can always borrow it again in future.

Where to Purchase Creative Tonies from?

You can purchase Creative Tonies to add free content direct from Tonies here or on Amazon here.

As with all books, I treat audio books no differently and would always check the content before sharing with my daughter. It’s important to know what you are sharing aligns with your family values.

4 thoughts on “Free Tonies Content for Toniebox Creative Tonies”

  1. Hi

    Please can I ask, how specifically do you add content to the creative Tonie from borrow box? I’ve got the app and downloaded a book but can’t work out how to upload it to the Tonie 🤷🏼‍♀️.
    I have only ever recorded a book I’ve read or used the free stuff in the mytonies app. So I don’t know what the ‘usual way’ you reference is.
    Many thanks if you can help me.

    1. Hi Rose,

      Once you have downloaded your file from Borrow Box – make sure to ‘extract’ the file first as it will have been sent compressed due to size. Tonies can only hold 90 minutes of content so if your audio book is longer than that you may need to split the chapters across creatives. Once you have your extracted download ready then head to the myTonies using a browser – you will need to log in. Then select the Creative Tonie you want to use. On the right hand side you can see a Tonie icon with an arrow pointing up ‘assign’ – click on this. Then click upload and follow the instructions and find your extracted audio file. Don’t forget to scroll down at the bottom and press ‘save content’. Once you’ve done that make sure to follow the ‘sync’ guidance that Tonies give on the website to make sure the creative plays on your Toniebox. Does that help? I then set up a reminder of how long I can borrow the book for and then delete it from the creative when its time is done. Lisa ☺️

  2. Hi I don’t know if the previous comment worked. Can’t see any comments….

    Was just wondering if you could help me more specifically on getting content from BorrowBox to the creative Tonie. Thanks so much. Rose

    1. Sorry, if you’re new to commenting then I need to manually approve your comment, hence why it doesn’t show up straight away. I’ve replied on your previous comment. Lisa

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