Gaspard’s Christmas by Zeb Soanes and James Mayhew

Gaspard’s Christmas Book Tour

Gaspard’s Christmas could not be a better final book tour for us in 2022 – thanks for sending for review.

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Zeb Soanes (@zebsoanes) and James Mayhew (@mrjamesmayhew) are a harmonic dream of emotive storytellers through words and images.

Gaspard’s Christmas Synopsis

Gaspard spots something unfamiliar while foraging for food. He realises it’s a person out in the cold in desperate need of help. Along with the help of his trusted friends, Gaspard shows the true meaning of Christmas spirit when he jumps to action to save a familiar looking face.

Beauty and Kindness Even in the Bleak

James’s illustrations make you whisper Zeb’s words as your vision is filled with soft, untouched snow. There’s beauty and kindness throughout while addressing a raw and deadly everyday reality of people all over the world and right here by your home, homelessness.

We’re huge fans of James’s incredible artwork and this book just cements what we already love about his sublime style.

Who Loves a Semi-Colon?

Personally, I love a semi-colon; anyone else love this often forgotten punctuation mark? I was over the moon to see Zeb using them and wow he had me spellbound when he used the word – conniptions. Don’t forget – children can learn all those complicated dinosaur names with ease – we should be giving them a feast of new words to tantalise their taste buds!

Homelessness & Sensitivity

The structure of the story allows children to wonder and ask questions before the answers are revealed. It’s such a sensitive way to help children understand homelessness. I particularly liked the explanation at the back, ‘Why don’t some people have a home?’.

Gaspard’s Christmas Touches Your Soul

It’s a book that grips you and fills you with tears of sadness that turn to tears of joy as the warmth and kindness of Gaspard and his friends, both animal and human, spreads as they come to the aid of someone in need. Few books leave a mark on your soul – this is one of them.

It’s a must read. There are some accompanying teacher notes on the @graffegbooks website that would be ideal to explore the book in more detail. You can find them here.

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