Grow, Tree, Grow by Dom Conlon & Anastasia Izlesou

Grow, Tree, Grow Highlights

Grow, Tree, Grow! is such a magical poem written by Dom Conlon and Anastasia Izlesou, published by Graffeg.

🖤Poetry delight
🖤Perfect seasonal read
🖤Beautiful and intriguing illustrations

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Do listen to Dom Conlon read Grow, Tree, Grow! It’s incredible. I’ve found a YouTube link above. I first heard it when reading consultant Nikki Gamble (@justimagine_books) hosted an evening with Dom and Anastasia and it was incredible to hear him read his work in his lilting, gentle voice.

Sublime Writing

It’s beautifully written with such interesting lines to explore with children such as ‘…ring by ring and year after year adding shoots to lengthening limbs.’ and ‘…snufflers and trotters are harmless enough but with them comes something Tree fears.’ Great opportunities to explore the vocabulary and meaning and think like a writer.

Poetry Picture Book

The book is written as a poem and embodies the life and seeming death of a tree. As the impact of humans is shown on trees it would form a good discussion point on deforestation and loss of natural habitats. The repeated refrain of ‘Grow, Tree, Grow!’ felt very powerful and my daughter Floss was eager to join in with this. We both liked how this refrain was gently modified as the life of the tree progressed.

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Grow, Tree, Grow! Illustrated to Life

Anastasia’s illustrations are fascinating with so many wonders of the natural world to spot. Floss particularly loved to try and count the amount of certain elements, insects and creatures on each spread.

The palette throughout the book is earthy and warm and there is strong cohesion between each spread as it flows seamlessly into the next.

The Wild Wanderers

There are more books in Dom and Anastasia’s The Wild Wanderers series and we can’t wait to read them. A take away point that I will take to heart from Dom in his interview with Nikki was – Poetry has tools not rules.

✨Grow, Tree, Grow
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