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What are your biggest challenges?

This! This is My Biggest Challenge

That’s my biggest challenge. On any day I can’t predict how ‘well’ I am going to be. Am I going to be able to show up for even the most basic tasks in my life – getting out of bed for a start. I love the idea of taking part in daily challenges and #Bloganuary is one I’d love to be part of to get to know the blogging community more. However, the first prompt, is my nemesis. My biggest challenge is my inability to be able to be consistent, to turn up and be present; to be part of Bloganuary.

Even in my teens my sister named me ‘let down Lisa’ as I would always have to cancel last minute on plans. At least now I know why I’m let down Lisa but it still doesn’t feel good to not meet commitments or, maybe even worse, not make any commitments for fear of letting people down.

Why I Blog – Bloganuary

It’s one of the reasons I started my blog. It was an outlet for me for when I felt well enough. Something I can do from my bed and still feel like I am contributing to the wider community.

wooden toys, play matters, sensory play, creative play, imaginative play, waldorf inspired

I was proud of myself for getting out my email newsletter to subscribers today. It’s supposed to be a weekly email but in reality it’s been over 3 months since my last newsletter. This year I’m aiming for a monthly newsletter, however, I’m not going to get worried if I don’t (like I normally would). If it turns into a seasonal newsletter so be it!

2024 First Newsletter

Let me share with you the first few paragraphs of what I wrote to newsletter subscribers so you can get a sense of where my head is at for 2024.

Welcome 2024 I’ve been waiting for you. There’s something about a new year, a fresh beginning, that can bring hope even in the toughest of times. I’ve always been one for making new year’s resolutions. Do you make resolutions?

2023 has been a very tricky year for us as a family and it’s left me not wanting to ‘add’ anything new into our lives right now. For now, my new year’s resolutions are to NOT do certain things, to take away the pressure, to take the time we need as a family. One thing I am doing is taking a break until at least the Spring on book reviews on Instagram. Just making the decision to do this feels like a weight lifted off of me.

I’m not saying absolutely no to forming new habits for the year, I’m just saying not yet and that’s ok. I listened to a podcast the other night about making seasonal resolutions and I really like this ideas, especially as we are a family who very much change our rhythms seasonally. I’d love to know your thoughts on resolutions.

So, if like me life gets in the way of living it’s ok to go against the norm. Try non resolutions, slowing down and being grateful for the really small things.

Things to Check Out

A couple of things I shared in the newsletter that you might find interesting included a magazine that I love that will be running a series of podcasts later in January and a Guardian article from today that caught my eye.

The Simple Things

The magazine that I adore is called The Simple Things – I read it through Borrow Box – you’ll love it. The latest edition is called Nook. I’m so excited that they are running a short series of Podcasts in January. Here’s the RSS feed if you’re interested –

100 Tiny Changes to Change Your Life

The Guardian article this morning that had lots of great take away ideas – 100 Tiny Changes to Change Your Life. Enjoy!

Being Creative

One thing I adore is being creative. I’m not setting a resolution but I’m determined to work out how to be able to make being creative more possible in my daily life. I’ve found iris folding, as long as my hands aren’t shaking too much on a day, to be quite a good craft for me to do. It doesn’t take up much space and needs very few materials so easy to set up and put away. Have you heard of iris folding?

Iris folding card - vaulted archway using rainbow colours that start at red on the outside, then orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink sparkly card.

Bloganuary – Will I Be Back?

Currently, laughing to myself as I’ve already realised I’ve ‘missed’ the first day – it’s after midnight. I’m going to make myself feel better and post as though it was still the 1st! I’m grateful that I’ve taken part in Bloganuary. This may be the first and last post, let’s wait and see… One thing I do know is that for 2024 I am going to start forging my new life. I need to start making steps to move away from the life path that has been fixed in my head. I’m ready to find joy and purpose in different ways.

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    1. Thank you. I’ve got really into iris folding over the last year. It’s very therapeutic and doesn’t need much ‘stuff’ to get started.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m often concentrating on what row I’m on so that helps calm my mind. I can’t always crochet anymore, it depends how cooperative my hands are and how much they’re shaking on a day. I have found it easier with a chunkier wool so that’s my plan for 2024 – chunky projects!

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