I Am a Capybara by Michela Fabbri – Book Review

Book Review 5 out of 5 Rainbows

Review – I Am a Capybara

‘I Am a Capybara warms the heart and fills the mind with the joys of this fabulously underestimated creature.’

I Am a Capybara is such a delightful book. The illustrations are wonderful, sweet and warm. The book is written and illustrated by Michela Fabbri and through each fun little image you fall further and further in love with Capybara. He knows who is and he wants you to know who he is too. It’s a brilliant book about owning your own identity.

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He has a best friend who looks nothing like him on the outside, but they have so much in common on the inside. Although he looks strong and tough – did you know he’s the largest rodent? He loves nothing more than closeness and snuggles with those that he loves.

I do love books that are fiction, but also give the reader so many facts as you go through. You learn so much about Capybaras as you explore this magical book. It’s a gentle and graceful book that will be cherished on your bookshelf and available from 6th October 2020 – pre-order options below.

Book Review 5 out of 5 Rainbows
  • Author – Michela Fabbri
  • Illustrator – Michela Fabbri
  • Publisher – Princeton Architectural Press
  • ISBN – 9781616899455
  • Publication Date – 6th October 2020
  • Age Range – 4-8
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  • Publisher – Heinemann Library
  • ISBN – 9781432941215
  • Publication Date – 4th November 2019
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