Iris Folding – Favourite Things

Iris folding is one of my favourite things. Have you tried it? I love that it’s a paper craft and you don’t need much to get you started.

Iris Folding

Being creative is something I’ve always enjoyed. I try lots of different things and some stick as firm favourites. Iris folding is one of these favourites.

My blood pressure is too high and I’m trying to reduce it before I have surgery in a couple of months. Iris folding is such a mindful activity and I definitely think it’s helping to keep me calmer!

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Iris Folding for Beginners

I discovered iris folding recently through a lovely lady at a weekly craft group that I run. She’d heard about it and wanted to learn so I did some research so I could teach the group. I discovered a small company Pretty in Paper by B run by Bethan. She has great online tutorials like the one below and you can buy kits from her Etsy shop here. The rainbow card I made is available as a kit or you can just purchase a pdf pattern.

Iris Folding for Kids

My daughter is six and has really enjoyed iris folding too. If you’ve got a child who can sustain their concentration for around half an hour this is a great activity.

It’s also a lovely activity to share together. One person holding in place while the other tapes. Taking turns and chatting together. That’s how we like to do iris folding together.


Once you’ve got the pattern you can experiment with different colours and types of paper. I made the one below for my Mom who loves the colour green.

I had a go at making my own iris folding template and pattern. It’s harder than you think! If you want to have a go at mine I’ll add the pattern and template below.

It was lots of fun having a go and well worth trying yourself for whatever pattern you like.

If you’re looking for papers to use then you want them to be thinner than you would normally use for craft projects – around 70-80gsm. It makes them easier to fold if the paper is thinner.

Iris Folding Equipment

If you do decide to get one of Bethan’s kits to get you started the only other things you need are Blu Tack, Cellotape, Glue and Scissors.

I’d recommend getting a weighted tape dispenser as this is so much more convenient as you’ll be using lots with iris folding.

I prefer the magic invisible tape from Scotch as it leaves a neat finish. It’ll also mean if you’re making things to last it won’t yellow with age.

You can use a pair of scissors to cut strips of paper. It doesn’t matter if you don’t cut straight as you will make a folded line that is what you see. However, I find using a paper trimmer quick and neat.

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