Learning About Fascinating Farms – Farming Books, Crafts and Play

We’re very exciting to be trialling something new. We’ve subscribed to the Little Crafters Boxes lessons and activity boxes. Floss has always enjoyed being creative so these look perfect for her. We’ve ordered a couple of past boxes, before the farms box arrives, for the start of the holidays too and I’ll share more about them when they arrive.

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Fascinating Farms is the topic for August 2023 and the activities look perfect for us. Obviously, we’re not just craftworms here but total bookworms too so we couldn’t not have a few book recommendations to go with the Fascinating Farms Little Crafters Box. Do let me know if you have any books you love for this theme.

Not only do Little Crafters Boxes do creative boxes but they have just launched their own workbooks and they have live lessons too. You can see a sample of their workbook for Fascinating Farms for different skills here.

Fascinating Farm Books

A Peep Inside the Farm that Feeds Us

Jeremy Clarkson Diddly Squat A Year on the Farm Book Cover

Not really one for the kids with the language content but I’ve recently watched Jeremy Clarkson’s Diddly Squat farm programme which I found fascinating. There’s a book about it from The Works here too.

The Farm that Feeds Us book on the right with a wooden Grimms rainbow on on the left with a sun on top. Small fabric farm animals are infront.

Farm Inspired Audio Player Yoto Cards and Tonies

If you’ve not heard of Yoto Players and Tonie Boxes then head to this post to find out more information on these fabulous audio players.

Yoto Cards

Click on images for more information on each Yoto Card.

Tonie Characters

Click on images for more information on each Tonie Character.

Top Farm Toys

12 baby farm animals

We love Toob sets. This one is a Farm Babies Toob set. We’ve got lots of different ones for different themes. They’re very hard wearing and great for use indoors and out and especially ideal in messy play. They’re very realistic in design.

Tender Leaf are a toy brand that we’ve got quite a few of. We love that they are wooden toys and we’ve found them to be very durable. This set is great as it’s got lots of animals but can also be played as a stacking game.

Stacking wooden farm animal toys with a fabric drawstring bag.

Creative Farm Projects for Kids and Adults!

A selection of craft items and sensory play farm items.

Here’s a delightful little creative kit that includes sensory play opportunities too. Four different projects to explore. Find out more information here.

This is a great little set if you’re not too crafty yourself as you get pieces to construct together to make your farm items.

Paper farm craft papers
Crochet amigurumi farmyard kit with yarn, crochet hooks, a book and stuffing.

One for the more experienced crafter or for adults. Crochet is such a brilliant, mindful crafting activity and this little farmyard set is so cute with everything you need to get you started.

Three embroidery hoops with pheasant, hens and sheep

Another for the more advanced crafter or a handcraft to do alongside your little crafter. These farmyard embroidery hoops are gorgeous.

A selection of books on shelves related to farms.

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