Old Oak and Little Acorn by Elena Mannion and Erin Brown

Old Oak and Little Acorn Book Tour

I was thrilled to be asked to be part of the Old Oak and Little Acorn #BookTour over on Instagram in September 2022; as it’s the perfect read for Autumn. If you’re looking for more autumnal reads do check out this blog post full of cosy Autumn books.

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Old Oak and Little Acorn takes you through the changing seasons so it could be read any time of year but the stunning illustrations start with the changing colour of the oak leaves so it just feels so right for when the autumnal changes begin to take place. It published on the 28th September 2022 from Pikku Books.

Old Oak and Little Acorn Synopsis

New title Old Oak and Little Acorn is a book bursting with life and the wonders of the natural world. Old Oak is having a mast year; a year of plentiful fruit. One little acorn is very dear to father Old Oak and Little Acorn battles the perils of nature when he is swept away in a gust of wind. Will Little Acorn make it to sapling?

Exploring Natural World Through Fiction

It’s the sweetest tale that also introduces children to seed dispersal, the life cycle of a tree but also the valuable role trees bring to other woodland life.

We’re huge tree fans in our family so this book is a wonderful celebration of a great old oak tree and new life. Elena uses the most delicious language to tell the story with so many opportunities to collect and explore new vocabulary.

It’s a dreamy narration where you feel yourselves snuggling close together and whispering the mysterious words of the woodlands as you read.

A Feast for the Eyes

Erin’s illustrations are a feast for the eyes. Each spread delving you further into the secret world of the woodlands. There’s so much to explore. My daughter Floss particularly loved the plethora of woodland birds to spot.

Follow On Ideas

A great little follow on activity that Floss decided to do on her own was to get one of her non-fiction bird books to be able to identify the birds that she wasn’t sure of. Anyone doing topics on woodlands, life cycles, trees, birds or insects would find this an ideal book to enjoy.

Birds are a topic we enjoy frequently. If you’d like to look at some of our other books and activities for learning about birds head here.

Picture Books that Older Readers Can Enjoy

Although a picture book, it’s one with a good level of text to keep slightly older children captivated too. A book for every nature lover.

I’m always looking for ‘meaty’ picture books. I’ve recently reviews Flying Scotsman and the Best Birthday Ever which one another picture book with a good amount of text for an older reader. You can find my review here.

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    1. Old Oak and the Wild Flowers has just popped through the door this morning ready for the blog tour – looks INCREDIBLE! Very excited to read with Floss later. We love your books.

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