Perfect, Creative Gifts for Creative People and Those Who Need to Reignite their Spark

The Perfect Creative Gift

Several years ago my Dad gave me £50 for my birthday with the strict instruction that I only spend it on myself doing something I would love. It was the strangest request from my Dad as he never gave stipulations on gifts.

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My daughter had just turned one and he knew that any money I had I spent on her or our home. This money had to be spent on me. Looking back now I know that his cancer had returned and he didn’t want to worry me as things with mine and my daughter’s health had been poor.

Even more oddly, each day that I spoke to my Dad on the phone he’d ask what I’d decided to do with the money. Again, this was very out of character for him. I’m dreadful at procrastinating so decided I had to make it a priority on what to spend the money on.

Losing Your Way

When I was younger I had always been very creative and loved lots of different arts and crafts. With work before Floss came along and then after she arrived I’d lost a little of my identity. I was teacher. I was Mom. Yet where was I? I’m sure many of you can relate. Therefore, I decided I would spend the money on getting the resources and finally learning to crochet.

Dad was thrilled when I told him and he talked about how his favourite subject at school had been art. He’d reminisced about being a reasonable painter. I hadn’t ever seen this creative side of him and it was lovely hearing about his favourite project at school being a painting of dogs sitting around playing poker. Him and my Mom are separated (have been for years but went to school together). I asked her if Dad was creative and she said he had a real flare for it and fondly recalled the same painting Dad had spoken of.

Learning Something New

I did learn to crochet but not only that it brought back my passion for lots of other crafts that I’d ceased doing and a drive to learn further new arts and crafts. When my Dad got quite poorly he moved in with us and he loved seeing what I’d create.

If it hadn’t been for my Dad and his request at what I had to spend the money he’d given me for my birthday on I’m not sure I would have relit my creativity. I think I’d felt that time had passed. It hadn’t and it only took a small little spark from someone who knew me well to reignite my love for all things creative.

Abundant Creativity

A quote that I found and adore by Maya Angelou sums up where I am now – “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Being creative and especially choosing mindful crafts has significantly helped my wellbeing over the last few years. At times my physical health impedes what I want to do but I’ve learnt lots of new things that I can do. I’m able to change around the activities that I can do depending upon how I am feeling.

Top Creative Gift Ideas

Here are some of my top creative ideas for presents you could buy for those who love being creative or for those in your life who need to have their creative spark relit. Or maybe it’s the gift to yourself that’s most needed and me telling you to only spend the money on something you will love to do. So here goes my list…

Iris Folding

I’m a huge fan of Bethan from Pretty in Paper by B. She has the most beautiful, mindful iris folding kits. You can find out more about my journey into iris folding here. Bethan’s just released this lovely Bee Happy set.


Macrame is a very new craft that I’ve learnt. Ceri from Crafted by Ceri creates lovely kits to teach yourself macrame. I find the written instructions a little tricky but Ceri has YouTube videos which help immensely. I got this brilliant set of three patterns for the craft group I volunteer at.


Adele from Moon Hare Studio is an Etsy shop I lust after. It’s on my wish list to get the hedgehog mosaic kit. I have a real thing for hedgehogs since a child. I also think this beautiful Moon Hare is just dreamy.

Lino Printing

Catherine from Creative Clever Hands curates the most lovely lino printing kits that would make ideal gifts. There’s a range of different kits including this special edition one and a botanicals kit.

Needle Felting

Needle felting is a craft I started after crochet. I got the bug to be more creative and my Mom and I started doing needle felting together. Sue from Sue’s Country Creations has some lovely starter kits to get you going.

Marie Redding has a great selection of blended roving once you start to stray away from being a beginner. They look beautiful when you see the batts online but wait until they arrive – they are divine!


And of course, crochet! The thing I love about crochet is how quickly a project comes together. Starting off with a simple kit is the best way to get started. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your skills grow. Sam from Simply Crafts by Sam has some super sweet beginner kits.

If you’re still looking for a little more inspiration then Etsy have a great new feature called Gift Mode. You can answer a few questions about who you are purchasing for and get recommendations – try it here.

Thanks Dad

Life gets in the way. Creativity only needs a small spark to reignite. Let’s reignite it today. Thanks Dad for helping me reclaim my creativity.

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