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Are you looking to set up a playroom or looking for inspiration to revive yours. As you’ll see if you look at our other blog posts we love a good toy shelfie. Having a calm, beautiful space really helps the whole house and the right furniture makes toy rotation a dream. Below you’ll find some of my latest playroom inspo finds that make my heart sing. Can you tell I love rainbows?

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We’ve only recently set up a playroom in our home. It doubles as a guest room. When Floss was younger we chose not to have a playroom as she always wanted to be in the places that we were and we had play ‘spaces’ dotted around the house. Now she’s older she wants a space to call her own and we prefer this to be a separate space rather than her bedroom.

Playroom Inspo in Pictures

Images from Etsy sellers left to right and top to bottom – 1.WhatKidsLikeTheBest 2.PracowniaKiwi 3/4.ShabbyBearCottage 5.KiStWoodwork 6.Kindspace 7.PrettyGiftsandGonks 8.TessiToys 9.VulpsToys

Playroom Decoration Ideas

Sofa Dens

I love the idea of these ‘sofas’ that can be used as play spaces. Turning furniture easily into dens and cosy little nooks. They’re light weight materials that are great for playrooms. Let’s face it, it’s not just the kids who love to build!

Ikea Kallax Playroom Inserts

If you’ve looked at lots of our toy shelfie inspiration you’ll know we love an Ikea Kallax unit. They’re ideal for easy access for little ones. I adore these handmade appliqued storage boxes that fit into the Kallax.

Montessori Style Shelving Perfect for Toy Rotation

I lust after the furniture from Shabby Bear Cottage for all rooms of the home but they’ve got some wonderful pieces for playrooms. Their open plan shelving is ideal for a Montessori style set up and allows for such easy access for children. Getting a collection of trays or baskets to add to the shelves makes toy rotation a dream. Open tray and baskets are a great way to leave play opportunities available for children. It also help children to understand that our toys have homes.

Playroom Wall Decals

If you’re looking to make a big statement in your playroom and don’t fancy getting out the paints yourself then a wall decal is a great way to transform the appearance of a room very quickly. I adore this pastel rainbow one.

Rainbow Inspiration

I’m a little rainbow obsessed and I think they’re a great way to brighten up a room and give it a happy, fun feel. I love the macrame rainbow rope decorations. I’ve got a pastel one and a vibrant colours one in our playroom.

Soft Furnishings for Playrooms and Toys!

Playsilks magically transform the feel of a playroom. They bring texture and warmth into the room. The softness gives a lovely contrast to wooden shelves and baskets. You can hang them easily in the room as a feature and then use them in oodles of ways in play. They are one of our most played with items.

Heirloom Pieces

Our wooden dolls house is a thing of beauty. I love how it looks in our playroom. You can get all sorts of different dolls houses. I really love this open plan one.

If you’re looking for more inspo for kids then check out Etsy Editors Picks’ page for kids here.

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