Please Don’t Bite Me: Insects that buzz, bite and sting

⭐ Please Don’t Bite Me: Insects that buzz, bite and sting

✒️ Nazzy Pakpour

🎨 Owen Davey

📔 Flying Eye Books (2023) kindly sent for review

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Sensory Book Experience

I always adore the sensory experience that you get with a hardbacked Flying Eye book; it’s a tactile delight that the photos don’t do justice. We love to trace our fingers over the front cover.

Please Don’t Bite Me is one of those titles that hooks you and makes you want to peep inside. Lots of minibeast books for children focus on the the photogenic creatures.


We really liked discovering more about lesser known insects in much greater depth. I’m not sure we’ll ever look at a straw the same way again after the mosquito section!

As always, Owen’s illustrations are a thing of beauty. We loved the 70s style lava lamp-esk end papers. Nazzy packs in plenty of information about each of the six insects that are discussed.

The spread on Ancient Egyptian remedies was fascinating – although I’m not sure I’d want to read too much about the bed bugs just before bed. Any technical vocabulary is clearly and simply defined well.

Carefully Designed

As with all Flying Eye books the design of each spread is carefully considered. The balance of text and images is perfect for readers of around 7/8 years +. The images don’t obscure the text which is how we prefer non-fiction texts. A great read.

What’s your favourite insect? I really quite like aphids – just not on my plants!

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