Sammy Striker and the Football Cup: A Dynamic Picture Book Celebrating Girls in Sports

Title: Sammy Striker and the Football Cup

Author: Catherine Emmett

Illustrator: Joe Berger

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books – kindly sent for review

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Inspiring Sammy Striker and the Football Cup

Sammy Striker and the Football Cup is an inspiring children’s picture book that breaks gender stereotypes and showcases the power of determination and teamwork. Written by Catherine Emmett and vibrantly illustrated by Joe Berger, this book celebrates the joy of sports, with a female protagonist who proves that girls shine on the football field.

Sammy Striker and the Football Cup Synopsis

In this engaging tale, we meet Sammy Striker, a young and talented girl with a passion for football. When her team, the Red Rockets, enters the highly anticipated Football Cup, Sammy seizes the opportunity to showcase her skills and follow her dreams. As she faces increasing challenges Sammy loses her confidence and this affects her playing. Sammy discovers her own worth, with the help of her coach, and the importance of being your own person and playing to your own strengths and unique skills.

Relatable Sammy

Catherine Emmett’s writing style is engaging and accessible for young readers. She expertly captures the excitement of the game while weaving in valuable messages of perseverance, self-belief, and teamwork. Sammy’s character is relatable and serves as a positive role model, encouraging children to pursue their passions regardless of gender.

Bold, Vivid Illustrations

Joe Berger’s illustrations bring the story to life with bold colours and energetic compositions. The artwork beautifully captures the action and emotions of the game, as well as Sammy’s determination and joy in playing football. The illustrations also depict a diverse range of characters, ensuring that children from all backgrounds can see themselves in the story.

Female Athletic Empowerment

What sets Sammy Striker and the Football Cup apart is its empowering representation of girls in sports. By featuring a female protagonist who excels in football, this picture book sends a powerful message about breaking stereotypes and encourages girls to pursue their athletic dreams. It fosters inclusivity and reinforces the idea that sports are for everyone, regardless of gender.

An absolutely fantastic book – just the thing to inspire future Lionesses!” – Beth Mead

This picture book is suitable for children aged 4-8 and is particularly valuable for girls interested in sports. It provides a much-needed representation of strong and capable female athletes, inspiring young readers to embrace their passions, challenge societal expectations, and overcome obstacles. Sammy Striker’s journey will undoubtedly motivate and empower young girls to pursue their athletic ambitions with confidence.

Sammy Striker and the Football Cup is a wonderful addition to any children’s book collection. Catherine Emmett’s uplifting storytelling, paired with Joe Berger’s dynamic illustrations, creates a visually captivating and empowering reading experience. It serves as a reminder that girls can excel in any field they choose, and it encourages children to believe in themselves and support one another.

Draw Along

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Lastly, Sammy Striker and the Football Cup is a heartwarming and empowering picture book that celebrates girls in sports. Catherine Emmett and Joe Berger have crafted a story that entertains, inspires, and breaks down gender barriers. This book is a must-read for young readers who love sports, emphasizing the importance of perseverance, teamwork, and the limitless potential of girls.

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