Selfies with Komodos by Brian Moses & Ed Boxall – Poetry for Kids

Is Poetry in your Life?

I always loved poetry as a child and as I grew up poetry seemed to disappear from my life. That was until 2022 when I decided to form a new habit – to read at least one piece of poetry every day. It’s a habit that takes me no more than a few minutes each day if I’ve not got much time but can equally absorb me if the day permits.

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It’s one of the best changes I made in 2022 reading a poem a day and for 2023 I’m determined to try and encourage others to read more poetry or even read just one poem more than they usually would. If you fancy taking up the challenge check out the blog post A Poem a Day.

Selfies with Komodos

Selfies with Komodos
✒️Brian Moses
🎨Ed Boxall
📔Otter-Barry Books – kindly sent for review

Poetry is so personal and the same poem can be read by two different people and evoke a completely different reaction in each. Sometimes the same person can read the same poem a different time and have an alternative reaction to it also.

I never expect to love every poem in a poet’s collection or a curated anthology. Generally, if I enjoy fifty percent to two third then I’m very happy. Selfies with Komodos by Brian Moses and illustrated by a fellow poet Ed Boxall is a collection that I love nearly every one that I read.

Performance Poetry

I particularly enjoyed watching Brian perform one of his ‘poems for performing’ called My Rock ‘n’ Roll Iguana. I highly recommend watching it.

Selfies with Komodos Favourites

There’s such a diverse collection of poems from ones to make you laugh out loud right through to ones that make you think of mortality.

The Sea’s Ghosts was a poem that felt like it came out of nowhere and reached into my soul – a powerful poem and one that I know I will return to again and again.

I’m never good at picking just one favourite but stand out ones for me were A Plea from the Rescue Centre for Mythical Beasts – I’d definitely give a dragon a home. Whaletine, Storms and Learning To Fly were very much enjoyed too.

Ed’s quirky, fun line drawings are the perfect companion to Brian’s poems. We loved the dragon on the spread with the poem – Dragons.

Selfies with Komodos Recommendations

A great collection for the home, school or to pop in your bag while you’re out and about. The publishers recommend a suggested age of 7-9. I’d probably broaden this range a little. I read some of the poems to my daughter Floss who’s six and she loved the ones I chose to read to her. She’s quite a sensitive soul so there are a couple I chose not to read to her yet. However, I think they’re poems that would certainly be enjoyed into early teens too.

Publishes 19th January 2023.

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