img_20190226_135658_1756879913774862820622.jpgIn January this year we began to use more oral storytelling with our daughter Floss. At both nap and bedtimes we decided that we would still use books, but we would also do a short oral storytelling at the same time. To help introduce a sense of predictable rhythm into these times we chose to have a similar formula for each story with a change in adventure in the middle. Hence, The Secret Door Stories were born. Each story starts off the same and as the children go through the secret door a different setting and adventure happens. Check out the slide show below for how you could start off your Secret Door Stories. 

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 One of Floss’s favourite stories comes partly from a real shared experience. We based it on our Waldorf parent and child group nature walk about turning into fairies and waking up the flowers with a special snowdrop bell. img_20190215_140206_8271040222682780694993.jpgI cherry pick from educational philosophies. What I probably mean is that I do choose what I think works for us, but also I make a conscious choice of what I will disregard. There are lots of elements of Montessori that we love, but delaying the introduction of fantasy until after age 6 is one we’ve chosen to ignore. Fantasy play gives Floss so much pleasure, go with what feels right for your family.