Super Happy Magic Forest and the Portals of Panic

Super Happy Magic Forest Series

In Super Happy Magic Forest and the Portals of Panic, Matty Long once again invites readers of all ages to immerse themselves in the wacky and enchanting world of the Super Happy Magic Forest. I say all ages as my daughter is six and I’m in my 40s and we both can’t get enough of The Super Happy Magic Forest books.

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Published by Oxford University Press, this sequel delivers another dose of zany humour, superbly quirky illustrations, and creative storytelling that made the first book so beloved.

The Portals of Panic Synopsis

The story picks up where the previous installment left off, following our group of unexpected heroes as they face a new challenge: portals causing chaos in their magical realm. Gargoyles threatening to destroy their forest. Long’s imagination knows no bounds, and readers are treated to a plethora of new characters and settings as the group embarks on a quest to restore order to the forest.

Endearing Characters

The Portals of Panic gives Long an opportunity to further develop. and dare I say indulge, in the characteristics of each of the characters. They’re a very diverse bunch and are much loved by us for their individual foibles. We love the two caterpillars too with their one liners!

We can’t ever resist a draw-along and you can find Matty Long showing how to draw the adorable Blossom below.

Long’s distinctive artistic style shines once again, with pages bursting with energy, and an abundance of visual fun that will tickle both young readers and adults alike. His attention to detail is impressive, creating a world that is not only magical but also rich in visual storytelling.

Hilarious for All

What sets Super Happy Magic Forest and the Portals of Panic apart is its ability to entertain on multiple levels. Younger readers will be captivated by the fantastical creatures and humour, while older readers will appreciate the subtle nods to pop culture and the clever wordplay woven into the narrative. I know for me I loved the Great British Bake Off shenanigans! Long strikes a delicate balance between simple storytelling and layered humor, making it a delightful read for families to enjoy together.

Pacey and Perfect

We love the pace of the book and you really want to start romping through the book as the action is bursting from the page and you’re desperate to know what happens next.

In Super Happy Magic Forest and the Portals of Panic Matty Long delivers another fantastical and laughter-filled adventure that cements the Super Happy Magic Forest series as a standout in the realm of children’s early chapter books. They’re a perfect hybrid of graphic novel style and short chapters. If you’re in search of a book that will transport you to a world of magic and mirth, this sequel is a must-read. We are eager for the next one.

Oxford Owl have a couple of activity sheets. An awesome spot the difference and colouring sheet that you can find here. You can find more inside images on Matty Long’s website here as well as some free activities here.

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