SuperQuesters: The Case of the Angry Sea – Book 4 – STEM including Coding for Kids

SuperQuesters: The Case of the Angry Sea

More magical, educational fun for children from the QuestFriendz! SuperQuesters The Case of the Angry Sea is the fourth book in this fabulous STEM series where learning is invisible. We’ve adored books 1-3 and book 4 didn’t disappoint.

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In the latest edition Leo, Lilli and Bea are on a quest to save the waters of Questland from evil Lord Grumble and Captain Blackwaters. They’re polluting the water system and it’s up to the dynamic problem solving trio and their loveable sidekicks to stop them.

Interactive STEM Books

As with all SuperQuesters books there isn’t just a STEM element but an eco-conscious component too. This time we’re looking at our waters and problems with waste in them such as oil and other pollutants.

If you’ve not discovered this series before let me explain the genius of them. They’re well written, fictional stories that invite the reader to join in and help solve eight quests which involve using STEM skills. This title has 14 different STEM skills being explored.

Additional STEM Activities

There’s also a handy little QR code inside the book that gives you access to lots more activities that get updated with new quests periodically.

Rewarding Book

Each time you complete a quest you are rewarded with a sticker to add on to the reward chart at the front of the book. Each of the quests is interactive and there are two sets of reusable stickers that you use to solve the challenges (with answers in the back). Key vocabulary is explored through little text boxes that are magnifying glasses throughout.

SuperQuesters Illustrator Amy Willcox

As ever Amy Willcox has done a splendid job of illustrating the book. It’s her wonderful depiction of the characters and bright, vivid palette that truly brings the book to life for us.

My daughter remarked on the fact that one of the school friends was a wheelchair user like her. It’s so good when children can see themselves represented in books. I love that more and more illustrators are adding their own narratives into books through their spreads in this way.

Courage and Confidence in Reading

We’ve loved being part of the SuperQuesters journey and reviewing each of the books as they’ve been published. The biggest thing I’ve noticed over the four editions has been the confidence in my daughter. When we explored our first title my daughter was hesitant and needed guidance and support from me.

As we’ve gone through the books it’s been wonderful seeing her self-assurance soar. For this latest book, I didn’t even get a look in. It arrived in the post and there was a gasp of excitement when she realised what it was. She asked me if she could do it now. I said yes. She then disappeared off for over an hour totally absorbed in the book and completing the quests. She didn’t need me once. As much as I really wanted to discover the latest story it was lovely to see her zest for the book and her courage to dive straight in.


The great things about these books is that the stickers can be removed and reused. The book is off to my nephew next! Thanks QuestFriendz for letting us be part of the journey.

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