Thank You for the Little Things by Caryl Hart and Emily Hamilton

Thank You for the Little Things

Thank You for the Little Things is a delightful little book which radiates warmth and love. I always wonder what pressure an established author must feel when they release a new title. Thank You However, when it comes to Caryl it really feels like there is no end to her talent and versatility.

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My Nan Loved the Little Things

It’s funny that this is a book that resonates so much with me. If I am ever feeling overwhelmed with situations in life I find it grounding and soothing to be able to look around me and appreciate the little wonders in our world. It’s something I learnt from my Nan who was never into the grand, it was always the little things that mattered to her. Thank You for the Little Things feels like my Nan’s story.

Thank You for the Little Things Synopsis

The main character goes through the day finding the small wonders that make her smile if she’s feeling blue. I think this is such a wonderful way to explore ways that children can help themselves to regulate their emotions.

To me it’s a very ‘mindful’ way of thinking in a practical way that we can all understand.

Thank You for the Little Things Blog Tour

There’s a blog tour for this wonderful book and I’ve really enjoyed reading the reviews and interviews so far. I’ll add the links to the bloggers below.

Don’t Forget to Talk Too

I would certainly couple it with good communication for children to be able to talk about how they feel and be able to discuss any issues that they may be facing.

Gender Neutral

I really love the fact that the main character isn’t assigned a gender and it can be left up to interpretation. I love everything about the illustrations and my daughter was really drawn to them and enjoyed spotting lots of different elements on each spread.

A brilliant book from Joana Estrela is a wonderful book on gender freedom. You can find my full review of My Own Way here. Adapted from the original Portuguese book by Jay Hulme.

Little Ideas We Love

Thinking of the little things I thought I’d share a few things that my daughter and I love to do that brings us a little joy in our day.

  • Spotting something in nature on the way to school – this is something so simple but always fills both our cups. It can be anything such as spotting an interesting leaf or a little creature across our path on our way.
  • Listening to bird song. Will it really be the end of the world if you stop and listen to the bird and find out where it’s coming from just for a moment. Floss and I adore this. She’s getting much better and identifying the bird from the song; I am still hopeless! You might like my British bird ID cards which can be found in the resources section here or you can access then from the files in the Facebook Group here. We also love this book for hearing bird song too.
  • Cloud spotting. We love doing this on swings in the park together and seeing what shapes we can spot in the clouds.
  • Stopping to chat to cats – this one is absolutely from my Nan. According to my Grandad she was late for work every day of her life as she was always stopping to take pleasure in the little things, especially chatting to her feline friends.
  • Lighting a candle and enjoying dinner by candlelight.

Beautiful images from the publishers Bloomsbury.

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