The animal says… by Debra Wellington – the Next Eric Carle

As a family we feel incredibly privileged when authors, illustrators or indie publishers get in touch with us asking if we will review their books. It’s lovely to be able to explore books that we may otherwise not have discovered and share them with you. A big thank you to Debra Wellington for sending this wonderful book our way. I reviewed this book back in 2021 but completely forgot to add it to the blog!

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The Animal Says…

Let me tell you a little more about this fab little non-fiction text. We’ve been kindly sent for review – The Animal Says…

Firstly, we love the different eyes popping out of the lettering on the front cover. They’re inviting you to take a peep inside and discover who is within.

The style of illustration draws my mind to those of the incredible Eric Carle; a style so appealing and accessible to children. There’s a fun nature to the design of each character. They’d be an ideal starting point for an art project; something for home or school.

The Animal Says… Non-Fiction Fun

Each spread is for a different animal and has four lines bursting with facts about each creature. Can you guess which animal there is talk of poop!? Kids love poo so much!

A great book to introduce children to non-fiction writing. Children could choose their own animal to create and then research and write their facts about.

Younger children will love joining in with making the animal noises; this would be an ideal read-aloud for in a classroom or group setting.

You could make this book into a story sack using animals like I’ve used in the pictures. Each of the animals could be on display at the start or invite children to put their hands into a feely bag and try and select the correct animal from what the words read say.

It’s hard to choose my favourite animal from the book – the duck, oh the guinea pig – but I can’t forget the bird! Head over to Debra’s account @theanimalsays to see who might be your favourite.

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Buy The Animal Says…

You can get a copy of Debra’s delightful book from her publisher’s site, Love Reading 4 Kids or from Amazon. Thank you Debra for sending me your book to review it’s a delight.

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