The Baker by the Sea by Paula White

The Baker by the Sea
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Paula White’s Stunning Style

Well this one is rather special. Paula White uses a gorgeously original style for The Baker by the Sea. The front cover gives you a little glimpse of the delights that await you inside.

The Baker by the Sea Synopsis

The Baker by the Sea is the story of a young boy who dreams of being a daring fisherman out on the tempestuous sea risking life and limb for his community.

He loves everything about the food chain relating to fish and admires the work done by each person, especially the brave ones fishing in the water.

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Alas, his Dad is but a baker, very safe. Yet the boy soon realises his Dad plays a very important part in the food chain he loves so much. Who will he want to be when he grows up?

The Baker by the Sea Review

This is such a sensitive, delicate book that ebbs and flows in its words. The written story is richly complemented by the limited palette of the wispy, dream-like illustrations.

Although the palette is white and blue and grey there is an incredible warmth and softness in the images.

You can find out more about the incredibly talented Paula White on her website here. I love finding out a little more about the lives of authors and illustrators and what inspires them.

The Baker by the Sea is one of my top recommendation of books I’ve read in 2022 and the perfect book to spark off topics on food and more recent history or to inspire an art project.

Have you read this one? What’s been in your top 2022 reads?

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