The Bear and her Book: There’s More To See by Frances Tosdevin & Sophia O’Connor 

⭐The Bear and her Book There’s More to See
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The Perfect Book – The Bear and her Book

The Bear and her Book: There’s More to See is a stunning book that does exactly what the perfect book should do – whisk you away to another place filling your dreams with wonderful imagery and your mind with new words to explore.

The Bear and her Book: There’s More to See Synopsis

Bear is curious and must explore the world around her – a world that she sees in her books. She’s in search of a bear, a bear that looks different to her and lonely. Along the way bear encounters other animals who need a little help. Bear’s book is the perfect guide to help them all as she journeys to seek out another bear.

Polar Setting That Radiates Warmth

It’s set in a polar landscape yet the images of bear feel so warm with their rich hues and truly touch your heart. The emotion that Sophia conveys in the faces of the animals is incredible.

Vocabulary to Delight

The text is lusciously rhyming and there’s lots of vocabulary that children will delight in such as awestruck, beamed, gazed and swirled (these all being on just one spread).

If you’ve got a little one who’s getting quite confident with their phase 5 phonics this would be a book they could have a go at reading to you. My daughter Floss and I often take it in turns to read a page each. If you’d like to know more about phonics phases head to my blog post – Phonics – What do Phases Mean?

Igniting Writing

As I’m sure you’ve already guessed it’s a highly recommend from us. Floss has loved playing with the scarves and bears alongside this book. She’s made up her own book three (you’ve got competition Frances!). The two bears go off in search of other bears with a new book. First up they went in search of a panda.

If you’re looking for resources/ toys to go with books then The Kid Collective do a lovely range. You can find bears here.

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