The Blue-footed Booby by Rob Biddulph – Draw With Rob

The Blue-footed Booby – Draw with Rob

Surprisingly, we haven’t read many Rob Biddulph books even though we are HUGE fans of his ‘Draw with Rob’ series. Floss (daughter, 6) loves to draw and be creative and Rob’s drawalongs have been a wonderful source of inspiration for her.

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First she imitates exactly what Rob draws then adapting and using things that he has taught in other projects.

So, it’s safe to say that Floss was very excited to read this book when she saw the ‘Draw with Rob’ logo on the front of the book.

The Blue-footed Booby

The Blue-footed Booby is hilariously silly and we loved the fabulous rhyme in the story. The illustrations are predominantly black and white with pops of intense colour. Floss delighted in the typeface used for the large font, particularly adoring the star/ flower design over each ‘i’. These little details matter so much to readers.


What’s it all about? Delicious treats are going missing and all the clues lead one way, but what’s really happened to the treats and will the culprit be found or get away with their robbery! SPOILER MOMENT ISH – we loved the little twist half way through that suggests all may not be as it seems. We didn’t spot it the first time we read but we noticed it the next. Very clever! END OF SPOILER.

What We Loved About The Blue-footed Booby

Underneath the dust jacket of the hard back edition is a real treat! On the front is a a booby on a stark white background which looks incredible. Turn over and you get a rainbow of goodies to eat. This back page gave Floss real ‘food’ for thought to put into her own drawings.

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Interactive Treasures with Draw With Rob

Although a picture story book we very much appreciated the five prompts at the start of the book for things to find. Seriously, the tortoise took me forever to find! At the end of the book you can scan the QR code to head to Rob’s instructions on how to draw a Booby!

Do check out his drawing channel – it’s brilliant for kids and adults.

We loved The Blue-footed Booby. Thank you to Toppsta for our giveaway win.

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