The Spoonie Life of Bookworms #004

Welcome to the slow, gentle spoonie life of chronically ill bookworms. It’s been Floss’s first week back at school and after having a whole year of her hating school last academic year we’re thrilled that she’s come back each day saying she’s had a good day!

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What A Week!

Here in the UK we’ve had a heatwave this week with temperatures reaching the 30s. This may not seem very high compared to temperatures on the continent recently. However, for me the change in temperature, especially very suddenly, plays havoc with my body due to my Addisons Disease. It makes it very hard to continue most normal every day activities. If you’re a fellow Addy you can find tips on hot weather here. My go to product to keep my salt and sugar levels balanced are these. How does hot weather affect you?

The week has all blended into one and I haven’t felt well enough to do my daily entry into the blog this week. Hoping normal service will resume soon.

Library Haul

Daddy took Floss to the library and picked up the titles below. She’s so excited for the next two Super Happy Magic Forest books. Most of these titles are part of a series where she’s already read a previous book. Series are so good for developing a love of reading and reading for pleasure.

Library Book Titles

They also picked up a book that I’d reserved for me – The Story of Art Without Men. Have you read it? It’s quite a sizeable book but it’s one that’s been tempting me since its release.

What’s been on the Blog?

Luckily, I’d been quite organised the week before and written and scheduled my blog content in advance. It’s probably the first time I’ve been this organised. It certainly made me feel less stressed about not being able to do things.

Story stones from Imagistones. Bright designs hand painted on white glass pebbles

Stone Art

I’ve updated a few old blog posts and there’s some new additions too. First up I updated Pebble Painting – ‘Rocking’ Art How to Make Your Own – Ideas. I love this blog post and it’s given me the buzz to do a little rock painting next week when I’m feeling better.

Book Bands – Pink Books

With lots of children starting back at school this week I wrote a post on book bands and pink books. It a post that tells you how to make any of your children’s book a ‘pink’ book. If you’re looking for book band equivalent books then you’ll find my updated list here.

Book Reviews

I added a couple of book reviews to the site. All Bodies Are Wonderful and Conker and the Monkey Trap. Love both of these for different reasons.

Phonics – ABC and Phase 1 Phonics

As many children are starting their phonics journey at this time of year I’ve been updating phonics post. You can find the phonics homepage here. The first post in the series introducing phonics got updated here and a phonics phase 1 listening post got added.

Autumn Gift Inspiration

Floss’s birthday is in the Autumn and I’ve had great fun writing an Autumn gift blog post here. There’s gift ideas for everyone. Perfect for autumn birthdays or for seasonal gifts.

#8Brilliant Books for Promoting Self Esteem

Last week we’d joined in with Esther over on Instagram for her #8BrilliantBooks hashtag for books that promote self esteem. I loved picking our selection.

September 2023 Tonie Character Releases

Tonies have given us a sneak peek of their September releases so I’ve updated the 2023 Tonies blog post with what’s coming. Floss is so excited for Love Monster. If you’ve no clue what a Tonie is – check out this post.

Top Post Update

Lastly, I also gave one of my all time top posts a little update. Meet the Mum Behind the Maker – Mel from My Story Stones Rock. This post got lots of love as one of the images from the post went viral on Pinterest.

I definitely had a productive week previously, good job when the spoonie life bookworms couldn’t cope with the heat this week. Hope you have a lovely week .

More About Us

The slow, gentle spoonie life of chronically ill bookworms. We’re often too tired and not 100% to do everything that we want to and we’re learning that that’s ok. We struggle to keep up with ‘weekly’ themes, memes and life in general – we do like to drop in when we can. We’ll often have to cancel on you last minute and rearrange! Snuggles, books and being creative are things that bring us joy and are often the few things we can do.

What is the meaning of Spoonie Life?

The term “Spoonie” originated from a chronic illness blogger who utilised spoons as a metaphor to illustrate the daily energy levels of individuals with chronic illnesses, revealing how simple tasks such as washing or dressing consume a portion or all of their available energy. Each day you wake with a limited number of spoons; some days the spoons don’t get replenished!

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