This is My Treehouse and Finding the Way to Faraway Valley

I’m always thrilled when I’m asked to review books by Floris Books they’re a favourite publisher of mine. They make the most magical books. I’ve got two incredible books to share with you – This is My Treehouse and Finding the Way to Faraway Valley.

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This is My Treehouse

Firstly, comes This is My Treehouse. Written by Guillaume Guéraud and illustrated by Alfred. This delight of a book spun me wistfully back to my childhood.

Did you spend your childhood outdoors? I did. My sister and I would spend our entire days outside in our secret den. Our den could be anything or be anything – all we needed was our imaginations.

This is My Treehouse truly encapsulated the joy and magic of childhood. The wonders of a space to call your own that becomes anything your heart desires.

The writing narrates the thoughts of the child and I loved the bit about what you do when you’re caught short! A book to share the nostalgia of your childhood and to remind us to let our children be a little wild and free in nature.

Finding the Way to Faraway Valley

Finally, Finding the Way to Faraway Valley written and illustrated by Cecilia Heikkilä is a book of nature, nurturing wildlife and hope. For me this book had a delightful feel of a Moomin tale with the Faraway Valley giving me all the wonderful feels of Moominvalley.

Little Bear asks Grandpa about a postcard that’s been stuck to his fridge for as long as he can remember. Soon Grandpa and Little Bear are off on an adventure to find Faraway Valley which will change both of their futures.

I had a feeling what direction the book may go and although I’d anticipated I still gasped at the one spread and tears came. I was going to share the image with you, but I think it’s one that’s better for you to discover yourself.

The illustrations mirror the words beautifully in their heartwarming, moving way. The end papers and link to the stars was also a lovely aspect of the book. It’s a book for all nature lovers, a book to make us stop and think and change our ways. It’s a stunning must read.

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