Tiny the Secret Adventurer by Aisha Bushby and Kübra Teber

Tiny the Secret Adventurer

Tiny the Secret Adventurer, penned by Aisha Bushby and brought to life through the captivating black and white illustrations of Kübra Teber, is a delightful children’s book that takes readers on a heartwarming journey of discovery, courage, and friendship.

Published by Usborne Books. This enchanting tale offers a perfect blend of imagination, adventure, and valuable life lessons that will resonate with both young readers and their families.

Tiny the Secret Adventurer Synopsis

Tiny is born to the Sunflower Patch, a part of Oakwood Primary School. We really loved the map and comprehensive setting description at the beginning.

Tiny very much wants to be friends with others who use the school grounds. Yet not all of the inhabitants of the space are keen and Tiny soon sees a meaner side to those she shares her home with. Even battling with this she holds firm in her beliefs to help out a creature in need and bring more harmony and friendship to her world.

Ideal Early Chapter Book

Aisha Bushby’s writing is a standout feature of the book. Her prose is accessible, engaging, and imbued with a sense of wonder that mirrors Tiny’s own enthusiasm for discovery.

The author’s ability to capture Tiny’s inner thoughts and fears creates a relatable and endearing protagonist.

Her arms couldn’t help her as she fell down, down, down. At the very last minute, a large butterfly swooped and caught Tiny, gliding her gently toward the ground. Tiny’s fear turned to wonder. She felt the wind swoop past her arms and legs, as though she was flying.

Tiny the Secret Adventurer, pg 45

As Tiny faces obstacles and navigates unfamiliar territories, readers are encouraged to embrace their own courage and follow their passions, no matter their size or background.

Illustrations that Support Comprehension

Kübra Teber’s illustrations are a delight that my daughter looked forward to enjoying at every page turn. They breathe life into the characters and settings. At this young age of reader the illustrations enhance the reader’s immersion in Tiny’s world as well as helping to support comprehension of the story.

Tiny the Secret Adventurer Final Thoughts

At its core, Tiny the Secret Adventurer celebrates the power of friendship, resilience, and believing in oneself. The book gently reminds readers that it’s okay to be different. That even the smallest among us can make a big impact. This message is beautifully woven into the narrative, leaving a lasting impression without feeling preachy.

It’s a gentle pace of a story that’s hugely accessible for newly independent readers and those finding their feet in the world of early chapter books. We’re eagerly anticipating the next Tiny story that is coming in 2024.

2024 New Release Tiny the Secret Adventurer: The Mystery Visitor

March sees the publication of the latest release Tiny the Secret Adventurer: The Mystery Visitor. This book has been highly anticipated in our house and we’ve not been disappointed.

In this latest caper Tiny and the rest of the animals by the school have spotted some clues to a mystery visitor. Everyone is quick to judge but Tiny carefully investigates and gathers evidence before coming to her own conclusions.

Tiny the Secret Adventurer: The Mystery Visitor Review

It’s the perfect book to help children to grasp the concept of not judging a book by its cover. Plus to see how it’s important to find out facts and also talk to the other person before making assumptions.

Once Tiny has gathered all the information she needs she’s ready to pluck up the courage to talk to the rest of the animals and help them understand the conundrum of the mystery visitor. However, it’s hard to find your voice when you’ve got such strong characters to contend with. Although, with the help of good friends, anything is possible.

Another lovely adventure from the Tiny series – I truly hope we get more of this series in future. They are ideal for those who like a gentle story filled with nature and animals.

Tiny the Secret Adventurer Activities

Usborne have designed some accompanying activity sheets including a colouring sheet, wordsearch and outdoor activities to explore. You can find the resources here.

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Thank you kindly to Usborne Books for sending these books our way for review.

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