Tod and the Surprise Party – Book Review

Tod and the Surprise Party – Mireia Gombau

You know when you start to become familiar with an author’s works and you have that comforting feeling like being wrapped in a warm blanket. That’s what reading Mireia’s stories feels like. You know they’re going to make your heart swell and give you a boost of positivity.

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The Story

Tod and the Surprise party truly resonated with me; a rich, warm book that’s perfect to cosy up to as we head into Winter. Tod is a stoic character who, come rain or shine, takes care of his friends by watching over them and keeping them safe during the night.

One day they realise Tod’s not there and find him asleep in his tree top house. Instead of waking him they all take turns to share the load and watch over each other through the night.

Realising what an important role Tod plays in the community they show him their appreciation by throwing a surprise party for him.

I don’t know about you, but like Tod, I’m not one to ask for help. Sometimes the small little surprise gestures are what can really lift your spirits when you’re feeling exhausted.

It’s a beautiful story about community, friendship, kindness and being their for each other. It’s certainly a message I want my daughter to take away; that being there for other people and showing kindness are some of the most important qualities.

Perfect Community Heroes Book

It would make a lovely book for schools to explore community heroes. Recognising the valuable role of key individuals within our communities (those familiar with children such as teachers, emergency services etc.) but equally those without titles that help and support us all.

Again, another wonderful book Mireia, thanks so much for sending us a copy to review.

Letters to the Stars Book lay on a table with paper balloons and thread coming from balloons in a rainbow of colours. Little letters to the sides.

Mireia Gombau Books

If you’d like to explore more of Mireia’s Books you can find her profile on Amazon UK here and Amazon US here. She also has a website that you can access here.

Mireia’s stories deal with a range of situations and we found one of her books, Letters to the Stars, particularly important to us when a family member passed away. If you’d like to find out more about this book and others I’d recommend for supporting issues around death and grief for children check out my blog post here.

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