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Did your child get gifted a Tonies Box? We’ve had a Tonies Box for over four years now. I did think the novelty would wear off – how wrong I was. Floss our daughter is now six and still adores her Tonie characters (we do have a Yoto player too – if you’re deciding between Yoto and Tonie this post should help).

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2023 New Tonie Character Releases

Tonies have just added a few more to the collection. They usually release several new Tonie characters each month.

You can find their latest releases here. Also, I’m not sure how much longer it’s going on for but on the Tonies website they still have the buy 4 for the price of 3 offer on and it includes new releases.

Tonie Character Sale

There’s often sales on Tonie characters that are being discontinued. You can find the latest sale Tonie characters here.

Upcoming September 2023 Tonie Character New Releases

There’s eight new releases for September launching at different times. Marvel’s Spidey & His Amazing Friends have three different Tonie characters releasing on the 20th September. My top three picks for September are Love Monster, Tigger and Black British Tales. Each of these release on the 25th September and are available to purchase from that date. Click on each of the images below for more information.

Love Monster shares with you five different tales and totals 43 minutes of audio content. Tigger is based on the Tigger movie and is also 43 minutes long. Black British Tales is great value with approximately 80 minutes of audio which includes the following chapters:
01 – Introduction
02 – Meet My Family
03 – Windrush
04 – Notting Hill Carnival
05 – Music
06 – Culture, Difference & Respect
07 – Sporting Greats
08 – The Future

Latest August 2023 Tonie Character New Releases

Click on the images below for more information about each of these titles. What I like about lots of the recent releases is the length of the audio. The majority of the new releases are around and hour in length. It’s always worth checking the information on the Tonies site for run time length. I like to feel like I’m getting value for money!

The following other sites have offers such as discounts if you sign up to newsletters and the 4 for 3 offer.

We’ve ordered on the 4 for 3 offer these two new releases from the Tonies UK website – Karma’s World and Giraffe’s Can’t Dance.

Karma’s World

Karma’s World is a Netflix series (we haven’t seen it). Common Sense Media ratings are good. Floss loves the look of the character and is very much into singing and dancing right now so we thought we’d give this one a go. It’s approximately 50 minutes long with an age of 5+ attached.

Here’s what Tonies has to say about this release:

A coming-of-age story about a ten-year-old aspiring musical artist and rapper called Karma. Juggling rap dreams and rhyme schemes Karma is on a quest to find her voice, so she can use it to change the world.

Karma’s World Resources

I’ve discovered Karma’s World has their own website and they have a couple of colouring pages in their resources section here and general info here.

17th January 2023 sees the release of Karma’s World Time to Freestyle! Activity Book. Inside images look like it would be suitable for 6/7 years + age range. A nice pairing to go with the Tonie character.

Giraffes Can’t Dance

Giraffes Can’t Dance is one of Floss’s favourite books so she was delighted for this one to pop up as a new release Tonie.

Content is 35 minutes long and includes a story reading, a read-along with the book version and a song. I always love the Tonies characters that you can follow along with a book.

Giraffes Can’t Dance Resources

Back in 2019 it was the 20th anniversary of Giraffes Can’t Dance and Hachette publishers produced a great pack of resources to go with the book.

This would be a perfect pack to use alongside this Tonie character and you can find the resources here. Children’s Library Lady also has some great ideas to go with this story here.

Calm Tonie New Release

We didn’t order Calm Tonie, mainly because there were two others already on Floss’s which list to make up our four. It’s on the next wish list of Tonies characters.

A little tip – if you have family and friends asking what your child wants if they are looking to purchase gifts – set up a google list. We share a wish list of what Floss wants and then if people want ideas they can go to the list and put their name next to the item they want to buy. Great to make sure you don’t get Tonie character duplicates.

Here’s what Tonies said about this latest release: Together we’ve created mindfulness activities, breath work meditations, and sleep stories to help little listeners find their calm.

Calm Tonie is a little different to the others and I’m interested to see if this may be a format they use in future. This Tonie character is more like a ‘creative’ Tonie where you can pre-load your own content.

However, on this Tonie you get 50 minutes of pre-loaded content with space to fit 40 minutes of your own content. I love this idea and do hope we’ll see more like this in the future.

Tonie Character Classic Choices

The last two choices to make up our four for the price of three deal were two from Floss’s wish list. They were The Magic Flute – she has The Story Orchestra Book so wanted this one and a classic – Mr Strong. Which Tonies are on your child’s wish list – do let me know in comments.

You may be looking for ways to accessories your Tonies or how to store them and if so head to this blog post – tonies® Box Accessories Galore.

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