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New Tonie Characters for Toniebox

Tonieboxes are such a brilliant gift for children and what’s perfect is that you can add to your collection during the year. When family and friends ask – what does x want for their birthday/ Christmas you can have a wish list of Tonie characters. Throughout the year there are often Tonies on sale and other discount offers to entice.

We’ve had a Tonies Box for over four years now. I did think the novelty would wear off – how wrong I was. Floss our daughter is now seven and still adores her Tonie characters (we do have a Yoto player too – if you’re deciding between Yoto and Tonie this post should help).

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2024 New Tonie Character Releases

When the latest Tonie characters arrive you’ll be sure to find them here with my thoughts on what’s not to be missed and what’s the best value.

As of 2024 I’ve started a Facebook group where I will be sharing lots of tips, resources to enjoy with your Tonies and free content for audio players including Tonieboxes and Yoto Players – you can join the group here.

You can find all the Tonie latest releases here.

Tonie Character Sale

There’s often sales on Tonie characters that are being discontinued. You can find the latest sale Tonie characters here. The Nutcracker is a great one to stash away for next Christmas. 45 minutes of musical bliss!

The following other sites have offers such as discounts if you sign up to newsletters etc. too.

2024 Tonie Character New Releases

February 2024 New Tonie Releases

Eek I am so excited for some of the new releases this month. I’m a child of the 80s so to see Care Bears launch with Toniebox makes me giddy with excitement.

Care Bears and Hercules are available now and the remaining February releases launch on the 22nd February.

Care Bears

It’s the lovely Cheer Bear and Funshine Bear who are released in February. I’m wondering if this may be like the Paw Patrol series where we get more characters introduced with further stories in future.

Both Care Bear Tonie characters give you just over an hour of cute Care Bear stories. I can absolutely see these characters being used both on and off the Toniebox!

Something my daughter loves is to have some themed activities to go alongside whilst she’s listening to her Toniebox if she’s using it during the day. The Care Bear website has a brilliant selection of activities to explore here.

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

I’m incredibly excited to see The Brilliant World of Tom Gates launch. This is a Tonie that is targeted to a slightly older age group than many of the other Tonies with a guide of 6+. It’s also packed full of content at 106 minutes! Is this one of the longest Tonies?

Usually Tonies only allow you to add up to 90 minutes of content. We were thrilled when Planet Omar came to Tonie with content over 90 minutes and for an age range of 8+. Could these launches be a turning point in Tonie targeting an older age range. My daughter Floss is loving this new lengthier content.

Activities to enjoy alongside The Brilliant World of Tom Gates can be found here.


What an exciting addition to the Tonie character collection. Perfect for music lovers Maestro sees Duncan Ward, chief conductor for the London Symphony Orchestra narrate the world of classical musical for little ones with lots of wonderful classical music from various composers. It’s 83 minutes of content too!

Floss loves to use these mini musical instrument models when she listens to classical music and see what instruments she can identify in the piece. She’s so much better than me at it! I’d also highly recommend the book series – The Story Orchestra – you can find out more information on them in this blog post.

Puss in Boots Relaunch – What’s the Difference?

Puss in Boots relaunch has had a major make-over of content. The actual character could be like a spot the difference the changes are so subtle! Below I’ve put the content of both down so you can see the differences. There has been a change to all four accompanying stories to Puss in Boots. You also get an extra 24 minutes of content with the new relaunch of Puss in Boots. If you’d like to get the original it is currently on sale here.

Puss in Boots (Relaunch)

01 – Puss In Boots
02 – The Hare And The Hedgehog
03 – The Three Little Pigs
04 – Hansel And Gretel
05 – The Enormous Turnip

74 minutes

Puss in Boots (Original)

01 – Puss in Boots
02 – The Magic Porridge Pot
03 – The Emperor’s New Clothes
04 – Thumbelina
05 – The Brave Tin Soldier

50 minutes

January 2024 New Tonie Releases

The first five new Tonies are rolling in towards the end of the month with release dates of the 22nd and 24th of January 2024. It’s a great line up for younger audiences this time round.

Burpee Bears Tonie Character

Burpee Bear are books by the ‘Nation’s Favourite PE teacher’ Joe Wicks. The description says that it includes exercises so that sounds lots of fun. Run time is approximately 29 minutes for the three stories.

The stories include The Burpee Bears, The Burpee Bears a Christmas Adventure (on a very good offer right now perfect to stash away for next Christmas) and the World Book Day book Bedtime for the Burpee Bears. I’ve not read them myself, but they are highly rated on reviews.

There’s a great little set of free activity sheets I’ve found to go with this Tonie character that you can download here. Also, I’ve found some recipe cards and exercise ideas you can download here.

Viva Trolls Tonie Character

A Tonie Character inspired by Trolls 3. This is the second Trolls Tonie to be released. The first one is the character Poppy and this time round new member Viva is star of the show.

Viva Tonie Character has a run time of an hour with two songs included in the line up of the chapters.

You can get a story of the movie but I’m unaware if this follows the same wording as the Viva Tonie Character yet. There’s also a sticker activity book. Dreamworks have also published a superb set of free activity sheets to accompany Trolls 3 too. You can download the pack here.

Milo Tonie Character

Milo is a much loved Channel 5 Milkshake character. Milo is a five year old cat who loves to roleplay and explore different occupations with his pals.

At a run time of 71 minutes it’s one of the better value releases for January for duration of content.

For the Milo Tonie Character you get five of the stories including:

  • The Racing Driver
  • The Explorer
  • The Botanist
  • The Astronaut
  • The Archaeologist

You can find lots of Milo content on YouTube and here’s The Explorer video to give you an idea of the content.

Playtime and Action Songs 2 Tonie Character

Playtime and Actions Songs 2 is a re-release of a previous title. It’s got a great selection of favourite nursery rhymes on and is just under 30 minutes in duration. UPDATE Where did you go? Playtime and Actions Songs 2 has disappeared from the Tonie website – I’ll keep watching out for when it returns!

Tracks include:

  • 01 – Twinkle twinkle
  • 02 – Humpty Dumpty
  • 03 – Row row row your boat
  • 04 – The Grand Old Duke of York
  • 05 – Baa Baa Black Sheep
  • 06 – 12345
  • 07 – Happy & You Know It
  • 08 – Old MacDonald
  • 09 – Head Shoulders Knees & Toes
  • 10 – Wheels on the Bus

We’ve got the original version of this and found it ideal for car journeys and rainy days inside!

Tracker Paw Patrol Tonie Character

The latest Paw Patrol character Tracker is back with four new stories and of course the classic theme tune.

There’s now ten different Paw Patrol Tonie Characters. You can find all Paw Patrol Tonie Characters here.

Tonie Character Collections Top Tip

A little tip – if you have family and friends asking what your child wants if they are looking to purchase gifts – set up a google list. We share a wish list of what Floss wants and then if people want ideas they can go to the list and put their name next to the item they want to buy. Great to make sure you don’t get Tonie character duplicates.

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