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What is a tonies® Box?

Firstly, if you’re wondering what a Tonies box is head to this blog post here.

tonies® Box or Yoto Player?

If you’re deciding if Tonies Box is the right audio player for your family you may find this blog post here helpful if you’re deciding between a tonies® Box and a Yoto Player. My latest blog post may interest you too – Yoto Vs Tonie Player – Disney Content – Creative Tonies and Make Your Own Cards – FAQs.

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tonies® Box Accessories

A tonies® Box is something we’ve had for a good few years now and we still use it every day in our house. Hence, we were so excited to discover some cool accessories to go with the tonies® Box.

This blog post will show you some of the options available both tonies® branded and others to compliment your Tonies.

tonies® Shelves 

tonies ® Shelves come in three awesome designs; Rainbow, Cloud and Mountain. They fit your tonies® Box on the shelf with charging station and has room for up to 20 tonies® Characters or Creatives. The shelves attach the tonies® by magnetism hence why they can hang upside down.

Custom Tonie Shelves from K32Designs

Image from K32Designs

Love the look of these sleek shelves by a Dad from Northampton in the UK. You can get them in varying colours with options to match your Tonies Box.

Image from K32Designs

He was looking for an affordable storage solution for his daughter’s Tonies and Jason has made some lovely options. There are sleek and simple shelves and stands and I particularly love the cloud and castle ones.

Image from K32Designs

He’ll also customise your designs – just drop him a message. You can find his Etsy shop here and can contact him through the store.

Image from K32Designs

You don’t need any DIY skills either as they come with a tough 3M sticker to attach them to the wall. Each shelf fits up to 6 Tonies and you can arrange them how you like so you can fit your growing collection. Do go and check out this Dad’s range in his Etsy shop here. Outside UK shipping options available.

tonies® Topper

Next up are these super cute toppers just released from tonies®. There’s Over the Rainbow, Blast Off and Pirate Voyage. You can see all the designs here.

tonies® Listen & Play Bag

There’s an expanding selection of on-the-go accessories now available. You can find the full range here. We love the look of the new tonies® Listen & Play Bag so that you can take your tonies® Box with you everywhere you go with a few tonies® Characters and Creatives with you. There’s room for tonies® Box, headphones and characters.

Tonies Accessories

There’s lots of different accessories that you can get for your tonies® on Amazon. Here are a few that I’ve found that you might like to take a look at.

Audio Player Updates including tonies®

In my book news there’s usually and update with new additions for audio players with a little more information about the latest release. You can find my book news posts here.

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