Toy Keepsake Treasures – Bloganuary

Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a youth. What became of it?

What a prompt for me. I get incredible attached to lots of things. It’s something I’m working on, being able to let go. I mentioned in this post about my reception classroom being stored in my garage! Maybe 2024 is the year that the garage finds a new purpose.

Toy Stash

Above is my stash of toys from when I was a child that I still have now. Did you have any of the toys in the picture? My daughter loves playing with these toys now. I love seeing her play with my childhood treasures.

Can you guess from the toys what decade I was born?

Let me know in comments…

What Treasures Will Be Next?

I wonder what toys my daughter will hold onto and will become her keepsakes in years to come. What toys will she share with her children and grandchildren?

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