What if, Pig? by Linzie Hunter Book Review

What if, Pig? Love At First Sight

Some books just leave you with the warm fuzzies and Linzie Hunter’s What if, Pig? is very much one of these books. Firstly, we’re introduced to Pig. He’s got a little swirly tail, a couple of unruly tufts of hair on the top of his head and the cutest pair of spectacles. It’s love at first sight. I mention the specs primarily as a glasses wearer myself. I still get the same excitement that I used to get as a child when a character wears glasses just like me!

What if, Pig? Tell Me More…

Let me tell you a little about the story. Pig is such a thoughtful and kind friend and all of his chums feel very lucky to have such a wonderful pal as Pig. Pig decides to throw a party for all his mates with the help of his faithful friend Mouse. However, once the planning starts so do the doubts – ‘what if?’.

Pig has some wild worries and some very real worries. As with lots of children (and adults for that matter) worries can be tiny or huge, totally impossible or certain. A worry is a worry and the feelings both mental and physical are real. Pig worries so much about ‘what if…?’ that he cancels the party and tells his friends he’s sick. He may not be physically sick, but the worry leaves Pig exhausted and he has a nap. While he sleeps Mouse and his friends get to work on showing him just how much they all care for him and how lovely ‘what if…?’ can be.

Here’s a cute little video to whet your appetite that you can also find on Linzie’s website.

A perfect book for everyone, but ideal to help little ones who have worries or help understand friends who have worries. The book shines through with how kind words and actions go a long way and the special bonds of friendship.

Passion For Writing

It’s a delight to read Linzie’s book. I love seeing how the relationship between an author and illustrator play out in a book, but there’s something magical about an author and illustrator being the same. It’s 100% the vision of one person. You can see that in Linzie’s book through the delicate, fun style of both the illustrations and words in What if, Pig? There’s a harmony. The book oozes Linzie’s passion for writing, you can see the thought that has gone into each letter from it’s size and shape to the position on the page. It’s pure joy.

This book would have been one I’d have used as a class text when I was teaching. It’s got wonderful examples of writing opportunities that would make excellent starting points and ideas for young writers.

My guess would be that Linzie loves snail mail just as much as I do. I was the child who spent any birthday money I got on pretty stationery and fancy stamps. This was so that I could write thank you letters and notes to my pen-pals and adorn them with little drawings and stickers. This book makes even the most reluctant writer want to pen a letter and take it to the post office.

What if, Pig? Secrets

One thing my daughter loves to look out for in books is the hidden messages that are in the illustrations that are not part of the text. See if your little one can spot the clues about what’s going to happen at the end of this book as you slowly stroll through the final pages. Little things like this are enthralling to children as it feels like a hidden message left only for them. They’re part of the book. A secret pact made between them and the story that feels like it’s been left as a trail of breadcrumbs just for them.

Thanks so much Linzie for sending us a copy to review – we’re in love with Pig! If you are thinking of purchasing a copy of What if, Pig? then do use one of Linzie’s links on her website – click here. Her website also has lots of other fun stuff on and you can sign up to a monthly ‘Cute’ newsletter from her too.

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