Where to buy books? Which booksellers to choose? This can be a big decision and one that I truly believe has to be a personal decision and very much dependent upon your circumstances. If you’re in a position to be able to buy from small, local or online independents, brilliant. Not everyone is. Scroll down for the growing directory.

If cost is important it’s worth shopping around and remembering some of the loyalty schemes available too. Don’t forget that you can get oodles of books from libraries and I’ve always loved to give second hand books from charity shops a welcome home too. I try my best to keep this page up to date with current offers, so if you buy books it’s worth bookmarking this page and popping by here first to see if there are any current offers on.

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I’ve split the sections into independent booksellers, chains and big online. Each section is then alphabetical.

Independent Booksellers

If you can shop from small, local or online independent booksellers this is wonderful and you will be directly supporting bookseller families. You can get an incredible experience from shopping with indies. They are brilliant for recommending books and you get a very personalised experience. Lots of online booksellers are very happy to chat and share their knowledge so link up via their social channels to find out more.

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Bear Hunt Books

Yes Bebe Books

  • Join the Facebook group for recommendations from the book club team and fellow bookworms
  • Monthly Book Club Subscription options galore – book club member get 15% off full priced books on the site and special offers
  • Signed copies
  • Free delivery over £30
  • Reward points
  • BUSY10 discount code (not on books, but other items on site)

Chain Booksellers


  • Always lots of good deals
  • Gives books to schools in return for your order
  • Free delivery over £25
  • Latest offers here
  • Free resources to go with books


  • Free delivery over £25 or free to a Waterstones store
  • Loyalty Card
  • 5% Student Discount


  • Free delivery over £25

Big Online Booksellers

If cost is a priority to you then big online booksellers do give discounts. However, do check out your independents and other chains as when you add up the loyalty and individual offers there’s often not much in it. If recommendations are what you are looking for then independents are the way to go as you will get a personalised service.


  • If Prime customer – free delivery

Book Depository

  • Free delivery worldwide