Why Blog? Why Not?

It seems like everyone is or has or wants to. But why do I want to? When I was teaching I never felt like I had the time to prepare as much as I wanted and the opportunity to think. Don’t get me wrong, I still spent a crazy amount of time planning, making resources, preparing learning environments, observing, assessing and the obligatory record keeping of all such activities that suck the life out of teachers today. Time is something that I think lots of professions battle with, and teaching is definitely one of them.

What I loved about teaching was observing and interacting with children. Watching them engage with learning environments I’d planned and prepared with my teaching team. Analysing what skills they were demonstrating, and thinking about where to take their learning next, through their interests. Often I felt that this time was being squeezed into the minority when actually it deserved the majority of my time.

When teaching you are so grateful for training time, where you get the opportunity to learn new things, try out new resources, meet inspirational people who change your practice and the opportunity to assess and reflect on your own pedagogy. The rest of the time you are so busy wrapped up in all that is expected from a teacher that thinking time in your own head is a luxury only available in those precious training opportunities. While being a Mommy I get that time, OK I’m not talking oodles of time, there’s still lots to be done in a day with a toddler, but there is time, I can make time.


With my daughter Floss I get to do lots of what I love without having to do the things I don’t. I feel privileged to have this time with her, to enjoy each other and learn with and from each other. So, why do I want to blog about this? Quite simply, I won’t get this opportunity again. I won’t get the chance to document our journey so that I have a record of tried and tested resources and random musings ready for when I return to working with young people and their families.

So, why blog? Why not? A record of my thoughts, our discovery and learning through the toddler years and beyond. I’m looking forward to engaging with the blogging community and the opportunity to learn from others and have my views challenged, questioned and changed from my experiences and my relationships.