Yoto Card Storage Cases and Holder

If you’re deciding which audio player to go for you might find this article comparing Yoto Players and Tonieboxes helpful. If you’ve already got a Yoto Player or Yoto Mini Player and want ideas on how to store your Yoto Cards and Yoto Make Your Own Cards then this is the blog post for you. There’s lots of different Yoto card storage cases and holders available. This blog post will go through several different options.

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Firstly, it’s useful to know if your Yoto Player or Yoto Mini Player are going to stay in one place or whether they are going to be moved around in the house or taken out in the car or trips away.

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Yoto Holders and Cases

Yoto do a range of cases and holders for their players. You can get ones that hold the player, headphones and cards altogether or ones that just store cards. Find the full selection on the Yoto website here.

If you’re looking for Amazon options then this one is well reviewed for the main Yoto Player. For the Yoto Mini Player they do this one. The Yoto branded Mini Case is available on Amazon also. This is the one that fits headphones too.

Yoto Card Storage Holders for in the Home

WildMarshCrafts on Etsy sell personalised docking stations that are compatible with both 2nd and 3rd generation Yoto Players. There’s a lovely range of colours to choose from.

This type of storage for your Yoto is perfect for bedrooms or communal areas of the home. They also do one to go with Yoto Mini Player here and storage just for the cards here.

Yoto Storage – Out and About

How cute is this little holder that allows your little one to wear their Yoto Mini. It’s from ProjectKerr on Etsy. This one comes in a range of colours too. Just make sure to select whether you just have the Yoto Mini or the Mini with the jacket for the correct fit.

Storing Cards

Over the years we’ve stored our cards in so many different ways. We’ve had them with small little pieces of magnets on them attached to a magnetic board. This is great for younger children and when you don’t have too many cards.

We’ve had them in little boxes but we’ve settled on having them in trading card folders now like this one and this one as our collection has really grown. If you like to stick to the brands then Yoto do one here. These make them easy to flick through and see what cards you have. We group ours together into fiction, non-fiction and Make Your Own Cards. We have quite a collection of make your own cards.

Free Yoto Player Content

If you’re looking for free Yoto content for your Make Your Own Yoto Cards then this is the post for you with different ways to access free audio content.

Yoto Player Headphones

Yoto do a wireless headphones here. Personally, I really like wireless headphones for use with the Yoto as I worry about my little one moving around with the Yoto and tripping on cables.

We have these really awesome cat headphones. That we use with the Yoto Mini Player but also with my daughter’s Fire tablet too.

Where to Buy Yoto Player and Yoto discount code

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