Yoto Club – Are You Still Worth It?

Loyal Yoto Card Members

We’ve been members of the Yoto Club for a few years and during that time it’s gone through some major overhauls. My question is – are you still worth it Yoto Club?

If you’re wondering what a Yoto is right now – head to this post first.

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Yoto Players

Foremost, I want to say that we adore our Yoto Player and would not want to be without it. This post is specifically looking at the Yoto Club membership subscription and whether it still gives the joy and value for money we’re looking for. To find out more, read on.

Yoto Club

Yoto Club is a club you can join that sends you new Yoto Cards to go with your Yoto Player or Yoto Mini Player. Yoto started by sending you two new cards each month. These were not selected by you so you had no idea what you got. As Yoto expanded and began to cater for a wider audience this became less appealing for many.

Yoto then changed to offering a selection of 6-8 cards to choose from with there always being 2 new cards available to pick. Both of these were very cost effective ways of boosting your card collection and you felt you were getting good value for money for your loyalty.

Yoto Club Benefits

There are two Yoto Club benefits that I love. Firstly, you get 10% off everything on the site and this is in addition to any sales that take place. Finally, you get free shipping on everything – no minimum order spend. Both of these are brilliant benefits and ones we’ve used over and over. They’re a big reason for us continuing our Yoto Club Subscription.

Where to Buy Yoto Players and Yoto discount code

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE FROM YOTO FOR YOTO MINI PLAYERS – you will get an email from Yoto directly if you have purchased one but you can find out more information here.

Why Am I Questioning if Yoto Club is Still Worth it?

Well, the club changed again. Now if you are new to the world of Yoto and the Players and Minis then I feel the Club has more appeal than for those of us who have been around a while.

5 Yoto cards fanned out in a hand in front of a wooden rainbow

What do I mean?

Each month, whether you pay monthly or annually, you get sent 2 credits that can be spent on the available selection of cards. Each month there are a couple of new titles added but for the most part the remaining choices are cards that have been around for while. You can spend the credits at any time and obviously delivery is free. As of today there are 149 Yoto Card titles available for me to choose from.

Yoto Club New Cards

This seems like a lot of cards, but as I say, if you’ve been around a while lots of these you’ve already encountered. Out of the 149 cards available there are 13 New to Yoto cards and of those only 3 are the length of story cards my daughter is interested in, only 2 are stories appropriate for her age and we’ve already used credits to purchase both of these.

Out of the remaining cards we’ve already got the ones that we want. Therefore, I’m struggling to spend my credits. As of today I have 8 credits, the equivalent of 4 months worth of Yoto Club. I really want to spend my credits Yoto!

Yoto Club and Multiple Bundle Packs

Recently, Yoto have begun to add more multiple packs. I thought this could be an exciting addition to the Yoto Club. However, the credit ‘pricing’ often doesn’t make these multiple option good value and you’re left feeling a little ripped off!

There’s still some good deals to be had. The monthly subscription is £9.99 or you pay annually for £99.99. Therefore, from the screenshot from the Yoto site you can see that The Breakfast Club adventures ends up being around half price by only using one credit.

For me, where things have gone a little awry is when it comes to the bundles. The Rainbow Fairies Collection uses 7 credits – yes 7! The credits now reflect the number of cards. So ultimately you’re paying the equivalent of around £35 for cards that you could pay just £25 for.

Should I Cancel My Yoto Club Subscription?

I can’t be alone, especially if you’ve been with the club a while, in feeling that the Yoto Club isn’t as exciting and good value as it used to be. However, we’ve been loyal customers of Yoto since it’s early stages and we’ve seen how they listen to feedback and make changes. We’re eagerly awaiting what’s next in 2024 for Yoto.

Dear Yoto

Dear Yoto

I have decided to continue my Yoto Club annual subscription for 2024 however I have cancelled my subscription so that it doesn’t automatically renew for 2025. Yoto, you’ve got 2024 to get things sorted and bring back the excitement, value and joy of Yoto Club. I know you can do it!

Best wishes,

Loyal Yoto Club Customer

Where to Find Yoto Club Cards

To find Yoto Club Cards available you can use a little toggle at the top right of the page on cards to shop Yoto Club cards available or head to this page.

Where to Buy Yoto Players and Yoto discount code

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE FROM YOTO FOR YOTO MINI PLAYERS – you will get an email from Yoto directly if you have purchased one but you can find out more information here.

Yoto Player Creativity

If you’ve got a creative little one then Yoto give you the opportunity to design your own pixel art work to feature on your Make Your Own Cards. You can find my post on how to do this here.

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2 thoughts on “Yoto Club – Are You Still Worth It?”

  1. I totally agree – is it worth it. The books in the club are not always the ones I am looking for. I think I will be done after this year. Love the Yoto idea and the players but the club is not really worth the money.

    1. I have to say I’m 3 months on since I originally wrote this blog post and I have still to find a card I want to spend my Club Credits on! I adore the Yoto too and we’ll keep with the players but I’m really not sure about the club now which is such a shame as it’s such a great concept. Changes needed!

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