Crayons Crayons Crayons

There are just tons to choose from, so many brands, colours, styles and materials. Lots of crayons are not suitable for 0-3 year olds, so we went looking for ones that were safe for Floss at 18 months old. Although a product may say suitable from a certain age, I would always recommend adult supervision with crayons for under threes as small pieces may become detached from the crayon and become a choking hazard.

We tested four different types of crayons:

  • Scola Chubbi Eggs
  • Alex Jr. tots first crayons
  • Giotto be-bè
  • Honeysticks

In no particular order of preference this is what Floss and I know and thought about each one.

Scola Chubbi Eggs

They’re made in the UK and suitable from 1 year old. Price around £8 for a box of 8.


  • Easy for little hands to hold (they sit in the palm of the hand with the fingers gripped around like a claw)
  • A dry feel when holding
  • Last ages
  • Quick coverage of colour
  • Comes in a storage box (not flashy) that’s easy for little ones to use themselves


  • Can’t get precision with these (OK I’m not trying to get my 18 month old to write, but these may not be the crayons I want her to use when she is developing her fine motor control more).

Alex Jr. tots first crayons

These are suitable from 18 months and cost around £2 for 6.


  • Easy grip – there are little bobbles on one side that make these very easy for little hands to hold.
  • Supports Tripod grip (three finger grip – see picture on the left)
  • Good precision and clear marks
  • Cheap


  • Although it says suitable from 18 months. If my little one was still mouthing things I would be reluctant to let her use these with the size.
  • No storage

Giotto be-bè

Suitable from 2 years and cost around £5 for 10.


  • Clean, precise marks
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Come with own sharpener


  • A sticky feel to them – doesn’t leave any residue
  • Goes down quickly
  • Packaging quite hard to use and not easy to store


Suitable from 1 year and cost around £20 for 12.


  • Smells delicious
  • Made in New Zealand from beeswax
  • Lovely warm, vibrant colours
  • Great for early mark making
  • Handmade, non-toxic


  • Expensive
  • Hard to be precise

Which one?

Well it depends.

For a first crayon at 12 months old I would probably go with Scola Chubbi Eggs. You can very easily get satisfying mark making and they are sturdy.

For an 18 month old I would go with the Alex Jr tots first. They are cheap and I love that they put Floss’s fingers in a tripod grip. Floss really enjoyed the marks these crayons made and spent much longer with these than any of the others. I wouldn’t get these for a toddler that is still mouthing toys as I said previously. I also wouldn’t get these until your toddler’s fine motor skills allow them to hold objects in fingers.

If you can splurge I would also get the Honeysticks. They are just so yummy to use because of their smell and the lovely rich colour they leave on a page.

For 2+ Giotto be-bè would be a nice move to develop pencil grip further.

The opinions expressed in this post are entirely our own and the products were paid for by us.