Perfect Winter Read – The Snow Girl – Sophie Anderson

The perfect Wintery read filled with community, love and magic. The Snow Girl is a fabulous read any time of year but right now there’s a biting chill in the air and talk of snow on the horizon so it’s been a wonderful time to get settled into this special book.

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Perfect Winter Read for Fans of C.S.Lewis

My daughter Floss and I have recently finished reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The Snow Girl is a great read for fans of the C.S.Lewis series.

It’s a middle grade read with a guide of 8 to 12. I’d happily read it to my 7 year old. There is talk around death but it’s done in a very sensitive way and I’ll mention more on this later.

The Snow Girl Synopsis

Tasha has moved from her home with her parents to live with her Grandpa on his farm as he’s been struggling to run things. Tasha is happy to go as she’s looking to run away from the past and an event that happened to her.

Winter comes to the farm along with a new friend Alyana made of snowflakes, wishes and magic. Can Alyana help Tasha heal the wounds of the past? Can Tasha let go of Winter and let Spring bloom?

The Snow Girl Review

There’s just so much to love about this book. It’s virtually incased in snow from start to finish but there is an incredible warmth throughout the book through the gentle, loving relationships of the characters.

It has everything I love in a book. Beautiful landscapes and weather descriptions, magical animals and filled with nature and most importantly a community that you instantly want to be a part of.

The relationship between Tasha and her Grandpa is the sweetest. It’s through his health that the book touches on death and everything having a natural end (SPOILER: he does not die) I’m adding this as I think if he had it would mean I’d wait until my daughter was a little older to read it to her.

The Perfect Winter Read

It’s a superb book and one that I will keep to read again each Winter. I don’t often save books of this length to read again so that tells you how much I loved it.

More Winter Recommendation

Frindleswylde is another magical wintery read that I’d highly recommend. The O’Hara sisters weave their spellbinding magic in this title.

First Snow is a stunning picture book by talented author and illustrator Jo Surman. It originally published under the name Snow? when I first reviewed it and has now been published by Templar under the new title First Snow.

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A Perfect Pairing

If you’ve read and loved The Snow Girls then I’d highly recommend reading Wild Oak by C.C.Harrington. Both books are brimming with warmth and intergenerational love. You can find my review here.

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