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Lilac Books

Lilac books are usually wordless. They are for children who are just beginning to become familiar the idea that books can be read and tell stories or give information. They are useful to help children narrate stories from the pictures they see.

When sharing lilac books with children you can help develop book talk and the language of stories as you share the book together.

What is book talk and story language?

Help children to familiarise themselves with the parts of the book for example – front cover, back cover, pages, page numbers, blurb, title pages etc.

Use language such as ‘once upon a time’, ‘firstly’, ‘then’, ‘next’ when talking about parts of the pictorial story. When talking about the story use words such as setting, character and plot.

Asking questions such as what might happen next over the page? How do you think that character is feeling? What is it about the picture that tells you that? Why do you think that?

Frustration when ‘Reading’ Wordless Books

It can feel frustrating for some children who are confident with books to get a wordless book when they start school. They can feel a little disappointed that their book to ‘read’ doesn’t have words. Do try the ideas above, but also you could add your own words or captions to use with the story that you could ‘read’ together by sight.

Wordless Books

Personally, I’m a huge fan of wordless books. I don’t mean the book banded ones that come home from school. I mean the exceptional books that don’t need words as you are moved by images that tell a story so powerful.

These books are incredible and can be shared with children of any age. Wordless books are for any book band level reader and beyond. For more thoughts on wordless books head to this blog post.

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Books for Book Bands

Sharing any book is perfect and when enjoying together you really don’t need to worry about reading level. However, if you child wants to practise their developing reading skills with other books (not just the book banded ones they bring home from school) then these books are suitable for children working within this level.

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Understanding Book Bands

If you’d like to get a better understanding of what book bands are and how to support your child in their learning to read journey this blog post will help – Book Bands – Learning to Read at Home and School.

My rough comparison chart for various schemes is available to download below.