Perfect Gifts for Book Loving Bookworms

Here’s some of my favourite finds for book lovers. These are perfect gifts for bookworms in our life. It’s often tricky to buy books for bookworms as you’re not sure what books they’ve already got. Bookish accessories and themed gifts are the ideal present to delight a bookworm. This blog post has some of my favourite picks from Etsy sellers and other artists. Perfect for Christmas and all year round gifts for adult and kids.

Originally a post published in 2022 given an update for 2023.

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Book Lovers Phone Holder

I’m completely in love with my new phone holder by talented mixed media artist Viv. The perfect gift for a book lover. To order contact Viv through her website here, each item is hand crafted. Viv has a range of other works including Tony’s Chocolonely inspired designs. My favourite flavour is this one – what’s yours?

Flower Power Bookmarks

These flower resin bookmarks by Made By Seewona are delightful and would make a lovely gift to pair with a Flower Fairy Book or nature poetry book.

Poetry books make lovely gifts for book lovers. Some of my favourite family poetry books you’ll find here.

Adorable Bookish Pin Badges

On The Lemon Shop has such a gorgeous range of pin badges for book lovers.

Sparkly, Cute Bookmarks

How cute are these bookmarks from Crafty Little Doodahs?! They’re personalised resin bookmarks and sure to bring a little sparkle to any bookworm.

Book Lover T-Shirt

The T-Shirt says it all! My philosophy on life has been made into the perfect T-Shirt. They come in several different colours too. Designed by Custom Tee US and found here.

Reading Record Journal

I really want to start a reading journal and this one is so pretty with the perfect sections you need. Another great gift for a bookworm to record all of their bookish thoughts. This one is from Writind Studios.

A Sign Books Are Your Life

This could be my favourite book lovers gift. Love this vintage style metal plaque by Simon Says Signs GB.

Stunning Animal Bookmarks

What a perfect pairing with an animal book or just gifted to an animal loving bookworm. These bookmarks are just STUNNING and will brighten up any read.

They’re by Emma LC Art and can be found here.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for some last minute gift ideas then do check out the Etsy Editors’ Picks here.

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