Update – I’ve had quite a few requests to make my shelfie pages into blog posts. This is so that followers of the blog can get notified when a shelfie update comes on. I’ll be doing some rejigging of the site to make this work and also make sure those who like the shelfie pages can find the shelfie blog posts easily. Work in progress!

Shelfie - early years - toddler play - Grimms - Hape - Melissa & Doug - Ocamora - Wooden Toys - Feelings - Emotions - Construction - Stacking- Mindfulness - Puzzles - Jigsawa - Colours - Matching - Language - Words - Music - Textures

I don’t know who enjoys it more; me setting up the invitation areas and observing Floss enjoy them or Floss who gets to explore them. The excitement in her eyes and on her face, the cute little noises she makes when things have been refreshed and I know she can’t wait to select, to explore, to play. As the time passes the initial giddiness of the new fades to make way for more deep interactions with the resources. Familiarity allows honing of skills, making connections and building confidence.

Noticing when things have lost their spark and changing them is key, yet just as important is seeing what is still keeping an interest and ensuring it remains – maybe adding something alongside an item to give an extra challenge.

I’m going to add our ‘shelfies’ and share some of the reasons I have chosen certain items. I’d love to know what you think and any ideas you might have. Children don’t need lots of toys. The shelfies are not a prescribed list of toys that children should have. I am lucky enough to have amassed a collection of resources during my time as a primary teacher, which Floss is getting good use of.

Where do I get them from? I love a good charity shop find, but I’ve also used online sites to get preloved items. I really enjoy giving something unwanted a new home. Other items have been gifts or items we have bought for special occasions. One thing we do have is a ‘Wish List’, a list of items that we’d really like to get for Floss. It’s really handy for when I’m mooching around a charity shop, but also great for birthdays and celebrations when family members ask for ideas.