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Little Hands Learning Book Box

Previously, as a family, we’d have gone on holiday and enjoyed days out together during term time. Now Floss has started school and as a family we’re still being cautious on where we go and who we visit we’ve made a conscious decision to look at more ‘through the post’ subscription boxes to bring the fun closer to home. Have you discovered Little Hands Learning boxes?

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Little Hands Learning Past Boxes

We’ve had a great time exploring  @littlehandslearninguk  subscription box for July that we were kindly sent to review. You can find out lots more about their subscriptions and how to order past boxes here.

Often before I choose to purchase a subscription I’ll order a past box, if they are available, so I get a feel for whether it’s the right thing for our family.

Image from Little Hands Learning

Let me tell you a little more about the July box that we were sent to review and I’ll also share some images of previous boxes. As an early years and primary teacher (before having my daughter) one thing I would say is that the choice of text for each box is carefully selected and always of high quality. I was very impressed with the chosen titles and they would widely appeal.

A Peep Inside Little Hands Learning July Box

July was pirate themed. To be honest, out of the previous themes I’d seen, this theme didn’t appeal to me as much. I wouldn’t have said Floss was particularly into pirates either. Boy was I wrong! The quality of the chosen book and curated activities have had her and me enthralled.

The Book – The Pirates Are Coming

The picture book, The Pirates Are Coming, by @john_condon_author  and  @mathunt  published by @nosycrow is brilliant, I won’t give any spoilers but wow we did not expect the book to unfold as it did.

Some illustrators delight us by giving us a little bit more, Matt Hunt is one such illustrator. It’s like something from A Midsummer Night’s Dream – a play within a play. They tease and tantalise us with their visual offerings.

See who your little ones spot as you read through the book. For my cat loving daughter (Floss) Cat is centre stage! He pops up on each page for us to spot like a Where’s Wally? book. We adore the range of emotions he gives to his frolicking adventures through such simple imagery. Just look at those expressive eyes! Who will your child spot and follow through the story?

Another book that springs to mind when I think of the creativity of the illustrator (Ben Mantle) is Bunnies on the Bus where a whole new adventure unfolds throughout the story running parallel to the main text. So clever.

John Condon has the perfect balance of repeated refrains for children to anticipate and join in. An ideal read aloud book and would be brilliant in a classroom setting. You’ll all be… DING…DINGING!

Immersive Experience

There are detailed instructions with each pack on how to get the most from your subscription box. However, what we loved was the QR code you can scan in the box that gives you step by step visual pictures of little ones doing the activities.

The book itself, The Pirates Are Coming, is by Nosy Crow who have a QR code that you can scan on most of their recent children books. Here you can listen to an audio reading of the book for a totally immersive experience while you are learning, playing and creating together. This pack in particular would appeal to auditory, kinaesthetic or visual learners alike.

Carefully Curated Activities

Each book comes with a carefully thought out pack of learning activities that are all play based – the best kind of learning. Nearly all the resources you need come ready in the pack, anything else you need are household items you’ll have already. As I mentioned before there are images and videos that you an access as well as detailed instructions for activities.

There’s a little key on each activity card to let you know what skills that activity is designed to activate and engage.

Floss’s favourite activity in this box was the treasure hunting in the sand. We hid some coins in the sand which took us down a most enjoyable rabbit hole comparing and studying coins.


Each box is so carefully thought out; it’s been a real delight to review this subscription box. If you’re looking for a pirate adventure then this past box would be the perfect swashbuckling escapade. As I’ve already said the past boxes have such brilliant book choices with accompanying activities.

I’ve added a selection of images of past boxes above and below. Images are from Little Hands Learning. Do check them out on Little Hands Learning website. Although, there is something magical about having a surprise box turn up from the postie for your family to enjoy. I know as a family we thoroughly enjoy them and they’re currently our alternative to holidays and days out. You can find subscription information here.

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